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Shota Date/Riser Glen
Riser Glen in The Justirisers
Shota Date in The Justirisers
Riser Shirogane in The Justirisers
Species Human
Height 2.03 meters (Riser Glen)[1]
2.1 meters (Riser Shirogane)[2]
Weight 108 kilograms (Riser Glen)[1]
160 kilograms (Riser Shirogane)[2]
Forms Shota Date, Riser Glen,
Riser Shirogane, Giant Shirogane
Relations Gentaro Date (father)
Allies Gentaro Date, Riser Kageri, Riser Gant
Enemies All The Justirisers kaiju and kaijin
Played by Isaka Tatsuya
First appearance The Justirisers episode 1,
"Manifestation! Star Beast Riseross"
Latest appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie
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Riser Glen (ライザーグレン,   Raizā Guren), real name Shota Date (伊達 翔太,   Date Shōta) is a fire-based Justiriser who appears in the 2004 Toho tokusatsu series The Justirisers.


Riser Glen is a fire Riser who's Justi-Power is courage. Because of this, he wears mostly red armor, but also has gold and silver accents.


The Justirisers

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Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie

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As with all Risers, Glen owns an In-Loader to transform him.

Glen Sword and Katana

Riser Glen wields the Glen sword, a powerful golden sword with a red scabbard. When the sword is unsheathed it becomes the Glen Katana.

Justi Arms

When in the Riser Shirogame form, Glen uses the Justi Arms which is capable of switching through different modes. These include the default mode called Justi Blade, a ranged mode called Justi Blaster, and a lance mode called Justi Lancer.



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