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A Leafwing in Kong: Skull Island
Alternate names Pterodactylus
Species Icarus Folium
Wingspan 3-5 feet[1]
Controlled by King Ghidorah
Relations Psychovulture (subspecies of)
Allies Other Leafwings
Enemies Humans
Played by CGI
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: Skull Island Godzilla: King of the Monsters
That is one ugly-ass bird.

Preston Packard (Kong: Skull Island)

The Leafwing is a species of avian reptile monster that first appeared in the Legendary Pictures films Kong: Skull Island, and reappears in the film's tie-in comic Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. The creatures are also featured very briefly in the third entry of the MonsterVerse, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.[2]


Leafwings are bat-like creatures with pronounced rostrum-like horns on their foreheads, covered in spines. Their wings are green and they resemble green leaves, allowing them to camouflage themselves as the leaves of trees when in groups.



Kong: Skull Island

The Monarch expedition to Skull Island encountered Leafwings on three occasions. While Preston Packard and several soldiers were looking for Chapman, they spotted a tree with dozens of Leafwings perched on its branches. Packard took aim at one of the creatures with the scope on his M14 rifle, shooting it in the head and scaring away the others.

James Conrad's group was beset by several Leafwings while traveling by river on the Grey Fox. Conrad and Slivko were unable to get a clean shot at the birds as they carried off Nieves, and the group could only watch as he was dismembered and devoured in mid-air.

Leafwings disturbed by the battle between a Skullcrawler and the remaining members of the expedition attacked the latter, killing several soldiers. Conrad sliced several of them in half with Hank Marlow's katana while rescuing Slivko.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Several Leafwings flew around Godzilla moments after he killed King Ghidorah in Boston, having emerged from the Hollow Earth after Ghidorah's cries awakened all of the Titans around the world.[2]



The Leafwings are capable of flight.

Thermal Vision

Leafwings have thermal sight.

Spike anesthetic

The Leafwings have spikes on their horns that contain an anesthetic agent.


When congregating in groups, Leafwings can effectively camouflage themselves by mimicking the leaves of trees.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization

The Leafwings' role in the novelization is the same as in the film, although they are specified to have originated from Skull Island and escaped Monarch Outpost 33.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

The People Who Came from the Sky

After their V-22 Osprey was shot down over Skull Island by Psychovultures, a team of Monarch operatives witnessed a flock of Leafwings fly overhead.


  • The taxonomy used for the Leafwing has numerous issues that go against conventions used in the field:
    • Although the Leafwing is described as being a subspecies of the Psychovulture, the creatures' species names indicate that they belong to different genera entirely, with the Leafwing's genus being named as Icarus while the Psychovulture's genus is Vultra.
    • The Leafwing's genus name, conflicts with that of Icarus Tigris.

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