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A Monarch Osprey in Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Alternate names Raptor-OneGKotM
Targets Greater RathalosMH
Launched from USS ArgoGKotM
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island: The
Birth of Kong
Godzilla vs. Kong

An Osprey is a trirotor military aircraft with VTOL and STOL capabilities, developed by Bell Helicopter and Boeing. While the real-world V-22 Osprey was not introduced to the field until 2007 - following a protracted testing and development phase that lasted eighteen years after the type first flew in 1989 - the fictional scientific organization Monarch has been using its own advanced model of the Osprey since at least 1995, and has used it in various missions including the return voyage to Skull Island in 1995, the mission to defeat MUTO Prime in 2014, and the operation against King Ghidorah in 2019.



Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After assaulting Monarch Outpost 61 in China, Alan Jonah and his men seized a Monarch Osprey and used it to gain access to Outpost 32 in Antarctica, the resting place of Monster Zero. After landing, Jonah's men massacred Monarch's guards and seized control of the facility. After determining that Jonah had brought the ORCA to Antarctica, Monarch headed to Outpost 32 aboard its flagship the USS Argo, deploying two Ospreys to the ground to investigate. G-Team exited their Osprey while Mark Russell, Ishiro Serizawa, and the other scientists remained behind in the other. Once Emma Russell detonated the charges to free Monster Zero, she escaped with Jonah to his Osprey and took off. From the aircraft, she used the ORCA to awaken Monster Zero and watched as he attacked G-Team and Monarch. She used the ORCA to stop him from destroying one of the Ospreys just before Godzilla arrived to challenge him. Neither Monarch Osprey could take off during the battle, and one was pushed off the ice shelf by the warring Titans. Vivienne Graham stayed behind to rescue Mark from the Osprey before it fell, and paid with her life when Monster Zero proceeded to eat her whole. With Monster Zero gaining the upper hand, the Argo entered the airspace and opened fire on him until he retreated, allowing the other Osprey to return.

Monarch lost track of Jonah's Osprey over Isla De Mara, Mexico, the site of Outpost 56, and the winged Titan known as Rodan. Knowing the nearby village was at risk, Monarch sent an Osprey with members of G-Team to save as many civilians as possible. When Rodan was unleashed, he leveled the village before pursuing the Argo. G-Teamm's Osprey followed the Argo and made an emergency crash landing in its hangar as Monster Zero converged on their location. Before he could strike down the Argo, he was pulled underwater by Godzilla.

When the time came for the final showdown against Monster Zero, now known as King Ghidorah, in Boston, the Argo deployed an Osprey to search for Madison Russell. The Osprey was destroyed by a lightning bolt from Ghidorah, but Mark and the surviving G-Team members boarded a humvee commandeered by Emma, who had defected from Jonah. They found Madison and prepared to leave in another Osprey sent by the Argo before Godzilla went thermonuclear and exploded, but Emma stayed behind to distract Ghidorah and allow the Osprey to escape. Mark and Madison could only watch as Emma was hunted down and killed by Ghidorah while the Osprey retreated to the safety of the Argo.

Godzilla vs. Kong

After Godzilla attacked the naval fleet transporting Kong to Antarctica and bested him in combat, scores of Ospreys and helicopters carried the primate Titan the rest of the way in a net and deposited him down near a Vile Votrex leading to the Hollow Earth, located near the ruins of Outpost 32.

Reiwa era

Monster Hunter

To be added.



Ospreys are capable of both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and short takeoff and landing (STOL).


Ospreys can be launched from the hangar aboard the USS Argo.

Video games



Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

Aaron Brooks' off-the-books 1995 return expedition to Skull Island arrived on the island in an Osprey piloted by Cejudo. However, shortly after entering the island's airspace, the craft was shot down by a flock of Psychovultures. The Osprey crashed on the other side of the island while the passengers were left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, they later established contact with Cejudo who made repairs to get the craft airborne again, allowing them to escape the island. Unfortunately, the mind-addled Walter R. Riccio shot down the Osprey with a rocket, intent on having a communion with Kong.

Godzilla: Aftershock

Following the emergence of a huge MUTO dubbed MUTO Prime shortly after Godzilla's battle against the two MUTOs in San Francisco, an Osprey was sent to a military base in Guam to investigate. Another Osprey carried Emma Russell and Tarkan Cavusgolu to a nuclear repository in Montana where they activated the prototype ORCA to stall MUTO Prime long enough for Godzilla to take the upper hand and kill it.


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