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Vivienne Graham
Vivienne Graham in Godzilla (2014)
Species Human
Nationality British
Affiliation Monarch
Occupation Monarch Senior Paleozoologist
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla (2014) Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Played by Sally Hawkins
The top of the primordial ecosystem. A god, for all intents and purposes.

— Vivienne Graham about Godzilla (Godzilla)

Vivienne Graham was a scientist who first appeared in the 2014 film Godzilla and returned in its sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Although she was raised by her mother, Vivienne inherited her late father's passion for paleontology. This passion caused an incident in middle school when she snuck away from her class during a school trip to the Natural History Museum in London and stayed overnight to study the fossils on display. Her interest in paleontology carried on to her higher academic studies in Oxford, where she caught the interest of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa. Serizawa recruited her into Monarch, where he became her mentor and a sort of father figure. She accompanied Serizawa to the Philippines in 1999 to investigate a Titan skeleton unearthed in a mine, which set off a series of events which culminated in 2014 when Godzilla clashed with two MUTOs in San Francisco 15 years later. Both Graham and Serizawa would play a key role in Monarch's attempts to resolve the situation with minimal human casualties.

In 2016, Dr. Graham led a Monarch team to construct a containment and research facility around a huge superspecies that was discovered buried under ice in Antarctica. Graham's field notes contained a footnote saying "The Devil has three heads."[1]


She is similar to her mentor Serizawa, being very reverent of and fascinated by nature, including the Titans and Godzilla most of all.



Godzilla (2014)

In 1999, Graham followed Serizawa for her first field assignment when the two were called to the Philippines to investigate the collapse of a mine. While exploring the cavern below, they discovered a gigantic skeleton. Dr Graham asked Serizawa if this skeleton belonged to Godzilla, though he replied it was much older. They also discovered two parasitic spores attached to the skeleton, one of which had split open.

Fifteen years later, Dr. Graham was working with Serizawa and a team of Monarch scientists at the ruins of the Janjira power plant in Japan to study the MUTO that had hatched from the spore and attached itself to the reactor. Recently, the creature's chrysalis had become more and more unstable as the reactor was depleted, and was constantly releasing electromagnetic pulses. When Joe Brody and his son Ford were caught trespassing in the Janjira quarantine zone, they were captured and taken to the plant by Monarch. Dr. Graham and Serizawa looked at the documents Joe Brody had with him, and noted that they were all seismic and sonic graphs taken from just before the meltdown 15 years ago, and were almost identical to the readings being currently given off by the MUTO Suddenly, an EMP was released that disabled all of Monarch's systems, forcing Serizawa to order the MUTO destroyed. However, the fully-matured MUTO merely broke out of its cocoon and destroyed Monarch's base of operations in the plant before flying away.

The United States Navy was sent to Janjira the next morning to take over the pursuit of the MUTO from Monarch, and recruited Graham and Serizawa to their task force. At Serizawa's request, Ford and Joe Brody were brought along, though Joe passed away from injuries sustained during the MUTO's rampage. On board the USS Saratoga, Serizawa and Graham brought in Ford for questioning, offering their condolences but urging him to tell them all his father knew about the MUTO Ford told them his father was working on studying echolocation patterns being given off from the ruins of Janjira. Serizawa and Graham determined that the MUTO must have been trying to communicate with something. They then told Ford about their organization, Monarch. According to Serizawa and Graham, Monarch was formed in 1954 to study a creature called "Godzilla," who was attacking American and Soviet nuclear submarines in the South Pacific. They stated that Godzilla was an ancient alpha-predator from the primordial age, and was essentially a living god. Serizawa asserted his belief that Godzilla would return to restore balance to the ecosystem by killing the MUTO

Later, the MUTO was sighted in Hawaii in the forests outside Honolulu. The military attacked the creature, but were rendered helpless by its EMP. The Saratoga's radar began detecting a large signature approaching from underwater, causing Serizawa to run to the deck. Graham asked him to stay behind, but Serizawa told her he believed Godzilla was coming at last. From the deck, Graham and Serizawa witnessed Godzilla's huge dorsal fins approach the ship before diving underneath it, then proceeding to Honolulu. By the next day, the Saratoga was pursuing both Godzilla and the MUTO as they approached the mainland United States. While studying the MUTO's echolocation patterns, Serizawa discovered that something was actually responding to it. Dr. Graham assured him that the other spore found in the Philippines was dead and dormant and couldn't be responding. A military team was sent to the nuclear waste repository in Nevada where the spore had been taken, only to discover that a larger second MUTO had broken free of the facility. Watching the creature's rampage on video feeds, Graham and Serizawa determined that this MUTO was a female and was preparing to meet up with the mature male and reproduce. The military formed a desperate plan to use a nuclear warhead to lure the MUTOs to an island off the coast of California, knowing Godzilla would follow, and then detonate it to kill all three creatures at once. Graham and Serizawa pleaded for the military to abort the plan, knowing it would not work, but were denied.

After the male MUTO retrieved the warhead from the military and built a nest with the female in the heart of San Francisco, Graham and Serizawa were sent to a base camp outside Oakland. There, the military formed a team to try and retrieve the warhead while Godzilla battled both MUTOs. They then watched and waited helplessly as the operation was undertaken. The next morning, after the warhead was disposed of and both MUTO killed, Graham and Serizawa were present observing the fallen Godzilla. However, Godzilla was merely unconscious and woke up. Graham and Serizawa then watched in awe as Godzilla approached the sea and roared victoriously before disappearing beneath the waves.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Dr. Graham attended a hearing before Senate members with Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and Dr. Sam Coleman, in order to justify Monarch's continued existence and its preservation of the Titans. Senator Williams of Hawaii was of the opinion the military should take away jurisdiction over the Titans from Monarch and simply eliminate them. Graham and Serizawa both protested, saying they should coexist with the Titans who were there to protect them, such as Godzilla. Graham described it as a sort of "symbiotic relationship," though Williams was not convinced by this. Graham received a telephone call informing her that Dr. Emma Russell and her daughter Madison had been kidnapped along with the sonar device the Orca after armed terrorists attacked Outpost 61 in China. She quickly informed Serizawa and the two made their way out of the chamber, prompting Williams to yell after them. Dr. Coleman tried to distract the Senators with a video clip on Titan reproduction as he caught up with the others.

Graham, Serizawa, and Coleman arrived at Dr. Mark Russell's cabin in Colorado in an Osprey to inform him of the situation. They showed him footage of the kidnapping and aplogized for what happened. Mark regretfully said he should have been there for his family, but was angered when he saw that the Orca was taken along with them, as he objected to its existence. The doctors told Mark that whatever the case, the Orca had fallen into the wrong hands and it was their job to get it back along with Emma and Madison. Mark boarded the Osprey with the others, and spoke with Dr. Graham during the journey. Eventually, the Osprey reached Outpost 54: Castle Bravo. Graham headed a briefing with all of the other Monarch personnel, giving them all of the known information about the abduction. She revealed that the culprit was none other than Alan Jonah, a former British Army colonel-turned radical eco-terrorist. Shortly after the briefing, Godzilla began to swim toward the Outpost. Graham watched as the base lowered its weapons and shields at Mark's urging to signal to Godzilla that they were not a threat. Dr. Coleman asked about the blue glow emanating from Godzilla, which Graham replied was an intimidation display, akin to a gorilla pounding its chest. Godzilla eventually ceased this display before charging past the base. Mark asked Monarch to track his trajectory, which revealed his destination: Antarctica.

Aboard Monarch's flagship the USS Argo, Graham and Serizawa explained what lay in Outpost 32. It was a huge apex predator that was likely a rival alpha to Godzilla, with Graham heading the team that discovered it frozen in the ice. Emma only called this Titan "Monster Zero." Graham accompanied the other members of Monarch and G-Team aboard an Osprey that landed in front of the Outpost. She watched G-Team venture inside on a monitor, and witnessed as they were ambushed by Jonah's men. She remained behind as Mark rushed in to save his family. When Emma detonated the explosives planted in the ice by Jonah's men, the Outpost collapsed into the ice and from it rose the three-headed Monster Zero. When Godzilla arrived to challenge Monster Zero, their battle sent the Osprey with Dr. Graham smashing into a crack in the ice. Mark became entangled in wires as the other scientists escaped the craft, but Graham remained behind to help free Mark. The two then ran for their lives, only for Monster Zero to bite down on the ice, swallowing Graham whole. Serizawa fell to his knees in grief in response to this.

Later, as the survivors discussed what to do next aboard the Argo, Serizawa quietly grieved for his longtime assistant, whom he had personally recruited into Monarch himself.


Godzilla: Aftershock

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Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters



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