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X-Plus is a toy line of highly detailed vinyl, resin and polystone figures. They are often unarticulated and expensive. The figures come in various classes, each defining different features of the figures. The figures also come in what is known as a "standard" version or a "RIC" version, which is usually a bonus such as (light up, different heads, arms etc., smaller figures and a different paint scheme).


Godzilla Series

American Releases

30 cm Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Series

30 cm Series (12" Figures)

25 cm Large Monster Series (9" Figures)


Diamond reissues past X-Plus figures and puts them at lower prices.


Bluefin reissues past X-Plus figures and puts them at lower prices.

Gigantic Series

The Gigantic Series includes larger, more detailed and often stylized figures.

DefoReal Godzilla Series (5.5" Figures)

The DefoReal series figures are smaller 5.5 inch scale, with enlarged heads, creating a more "chibi" style look

Gamera Series 30cm Figures

  • Gamera 1967
  • Gamera 1967 (Ric-Boy Light Emitting Ver.)
  • Gyaos 1967
  • Gyaos 1967 (Ric-Boy Light Emitting Ver.)
  • Gamera 1995
  • Gamera 1995 (Ric-Boy Mini-Flying Gyaos figures)
  • Gamera 1996
  • Gamera 1996 (Ric-Boy Mini-Legion Soldiers)
  • Gamera 1996 (RMC Light Emitting Ver.)
  • Gamera 1999
  • Gamera 1999 (Ric-Boy *Shell Damage, Bloody Stump for Right Arm, Alternate Plasma Fist Arm*)
  • Gamera 1999 (RMC Light Emitting Ver.)

Gamera Series 25cm Figures

King Kong Series



30cm Yuji Sakai Godzilla Series

25cm Godzilla Series

30cm Godzilla Series

DefoReal Godzilla Series (5.5" Figures)

Gigantic Godzilla Series

Gamera Series

King Kong Series


Future releases

External links


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one month ago
Score 0
some of the kong ones look somewhat articulation similar to bandai's do they or am i just coo coo


24 months ago
Score 0
Will we ever see the Godzilla and King Kong USA resin statues that was released back in 2001 and 2002? I own the Godzilla vs Biollante statue of Godzilla and it's a shame not to see them listed here.


35 months ago
Score 0
I know this might never happen, but i would love to see X-Plus make a figure of SMG MKII (Super Mechagodzilla II) from the game Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact! I'd totally buy it in a heartbeat!


40 months ago
Score 0
Why have all of the image captions been removed from the page? Now it looks absolutely terrible and horribly overcrowded. Because of this, you've got to go image by image and refer to the list at the top of the page just to see which image is what figure. This is even more annoying as some figures have multiple variants. I've no idea who made the decision to remove the captions, but it was a bad decision nonetheless and should be reverted.


40 months ago
Score 1
I concur.

The Atomizer

40 months ago
Score 1
I agree, that is a pain and honestly to my knowledge this was already like this before I started cleaning this page up. I'll see if I can fix the images slowly to not only make the right ones but to name what they are.
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