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Godzilla designs
The GyakushuGoji as it is seen in Godzilla Raids Again
Type Suit, upper body puppet
Nicknames GyakuGoji, Godzilla 1955, Gyaku-Godzi[1]
Portrayed by Haruo Nakajima
Used in Godzilla Raids Again,
King Kong vs. Godzilla (puppet)
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The GyakushuGoji (逆襲ゴジ,   GyakushūGoji) is the Godzilla suit design used in the 1955 Godzilla film Godzilla Raids Again.


The GyakushuGoji's name comes from Godzilla Raids Again's Japanese title, specifically the word gyakushū (逆襲), meaning counterattack, and Goji, which comes from Godzilla's Japanese name, Gojira (ゴジラ).

The second suit created for use in filming new scenes for the unmade film The Volcano Monsters is known as Gigantis Godzilla (ジャイガンティスゴジラ,   Jaigantisu Gojira), which references "Gigantis," the name which Godzilla is called in the 1959 American localization of Godzilla Raids Again.


Very similar to the ShodaiGoji, the GyakushuGoji was slimmer in build and had a smaller head. The lean look resulted from the need to make the suit more flexible to battle with Anguirus in the film. The GyakushuGoji also featured movable eyes. A separate set of legs, worn like boots, was used for close-ups of Godzilla's feet. Like with the ShodaiGoji, a hand-operated puppet was used for close-ups of Godzilla's face. This puppet noticeably features teeth that protruded outward from the mouth, a feature not shared by the suit.

A second Godzilla suit was created for use in the planned American film The Volcano Monsters, which would have reused special effects footage from Godzilla Raids Again. This suit, sometimes known as Gigantis Godzilla, superficially resembles the GyakushuGoji, but it possesses no ears, has a much thicker lower body, and has three toes instead of four, all features that would be present on the KingGoji suit used in King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Use in other media

Video games

  • Godzilla (1993) - NEC/Hudson Soft TurboDuo and PC Engine Duo



Godzilla Raids Again

King Kong vs. Godzilla


Godzilla Raids Again








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