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Gabara™ trademark icon
Gabara in All Monsters Attack
Alternate names Gebara, Gavalla,[1] Gavara,[2]
Gaborah,[3] Gabra,[4] Bakara[5]
Subtitle(s) Heinous Monster
(凶悪怪獣,   Kyōaku Kaijū)[6]
Heinous New Monster
(凶悪な新怪獣,   Kyōakuna Shin Kaijū)[7]
Furious New Monster
(猛烈新怪獣,   Mōretsu Shin Kaijū)
Toad Monster (ガマ怪獣,   Gama Kaijū)[8]
Heinous Toad Monster
(凶悪ガマ怪獣,   Kyōaku Gama Kaijū)G:TB Menace of Kaiju IslandGDF
Species Mutated toadAMA[9]
Mutated bullfrogG!Go
gluttonous mutated minion of MaohG!Gr
Height Showa: 58 meters[6][10][note 1]
Monster Apocalypse: 10 meters[11]
Weight Showa: 23,000 metric tons[6][10]
Forms Human sizeG!Gr
Controlled by TonchikiG!Gr
Relations Tonchiki (creator)G!Gr
Allies Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Godzilla, Minilla, Godman, Greenman, Uncle Zilla, Kamachi, JJ-23, Kingoji-kun, Bagan, crocodiles, piranhas
Conceived of by Ishiro Honda, Tomoyuki Tanaka
Written by Shinichi Sekizawa
Designed by Teizo Toshimitsu, Hiroshi Komura
Modeled by Teizo Toshimitsu, Kanju Yagi,
Yasuei Yagi
, Keizo Murase
Played by Yasuhiko Kakuko
First appearance Latest appearance
All Monsters Attack Godziban
1969:1972:1973:More roars
That Gabara has lost again. Go home, Gabara, you are a loser!

Ichiro Miki, after having witnessed the defeat of Gabara at the hands of Godzilla and Minilla. (Godzilla's Revenge)

Gabara (ガバラ,   Gabara) is a mutant amphibian kaiju who first appeared in the 1969 Toho Godzilla film, All Monsters Attack.

A malicious bully of a monster, Gabara existed within the dreams of Ichiro Miki in All Monsters Attack, as a representation of Ichiro's real-life bully also nicknamed "Gabara." Gabara liked to bully Minilla, who was too small and weak to fight back and couldn't rely on his father for assistance. Ichiro befriended Minilla and helped him to defeat Gabara using an elaborate trap. Gabara retaliated by attacking Godzilla himself, who promptly beat Gabara into submission. Gabara also made an appearance in Toho's 1970s tokusatsu shows Go! Godman and Go! Greenman, where he fought against the titular heroes.


In the context of All Monsters Attack, Gabara gets its name from Ichiro Miki's real-life bully Sanko, who he gives the nickname "Gabara."

Originally, Gabara was to be called Gebara (ゲバラ,   Gebara),[12] but Toho decided to change his name to Gabara in order to avoid confusion with the American biopic film Che!, which was released in Japan as Guevara! (ゲバラ!,   Gebara!) earlier in 1969.[9] The monster's original name "Gebara" can be seen on some early concept art. In the "GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO" YouTube channel's upload of the All Monsters Attack trailer, Gabara's name is misspelled in the film's Japanese title as "Bakara" (バカラ).[5]


Finalized Gabara concept art by Hiroshi Komura

In the very earliest stages of conceiving a villain monster for All Monsters Attack, Toho considered a monster based on the mole cricket, a motif which was also considered for what ultimately became the Meganulon from Rodan. The giant mole cricket concept was given the name "Gebara," but was discarded as the filmmakers decided to go in a different direction and make the new kaiju a mutated toad instead. However, the mole cricket concept for Gebara was revived for the story Godzilla vs. the Space Monsters: Earth Defense Directive as a motif for the new kaiju Megalon.[13] While this project became Godzilla vs. Gigan, Toho went on to feature the insectoid kaiju Megalon in the following film, though his final design was based more on rhinoceros beetles and cicadas than mole crickets. The initial design for the toad-inspired Gabara was handled by Teizo Toshimitsu,[12] who drew the concept at actual size in order to aid in the eventual modeling of the suit. The concept was later re-drawn by art assistant Hiroshi Komura, refining the facial expression and touches to the chest and abdomen.[14]

For Gabara's suit, the head was modeled by Teizo Toshimitsu,[12] purportedly modified from that of a prior Godzilla suit.[15] All Monsters Attack would be the last Godzilla project Toshimitsu would work on.[14] Because Toshimitsu worked on the suits of both Gabara and King Ghidorah, there are similarities between the horns modeled on the top of their heads.[12] Gabara's body was handled by the Yagi brothers Kanju and Yasuei, and its form is said to take the overall shape of a tailless Godzilla.[12] Keizo Murase also acted as an assistant modeler for Gabara.[14]

The Gabara suit was reused for the monster's appearances in the tokusatsu series Go! Godman and Go! Greenman. While the suit had begun to deteriorate in Godman, it underwent minor repairs and aesthetic touch-ups for its role in Greenman.


The audio commentary for Classic Media's 2008 DVD release of All Monsters Attack humorously compares Gabara to a bipedal cat with car engine problems. Although he is said to be based on a toad,[9] Gabara is very similar to - and more than likely partially based on - the oni of Japanese mythology and folklore. His costume design is very reminiscent of these demonic ogre or troll-like beings, further mixing the turquoise scales of a reptile with orange, cat-like fur and distinctly mammalian facial features. He also has three horns on his head, again much like the oni, whose horns varied between one to three on average. Gabara's ability to electrocute things on contact is possibly a reference to oni lore, as they too were sometimes associated with the natural forces of lighting and thunder.

In Go! Godman, Gabara's skin tone is changed to a dark, greenish-blue color, and he lacks his trademark ginger hair. Due to mild deterioration of the suit's face, his eyes appear to take on a more confused or surprised expression. This damage was repaired in time for the show's followup, Go! Greenman. In this show, Gabara's skin is now a lighter shade of green, and the plates on his torso are brown in color.


In All Monsters Attack, Gabara exists only within the dreams of protagonist Ichiro Miki. In the context of Ichiro's dreams, Gabara is a toad that was mutated by nuclear explosions into a giant bipedal ogre-like monster.[9] Godzilla Movie Studio Tour also states that Gabara was the result of a toad being mutated by radiation.

In Go! Godman, Gabara is a mutated bullfrog. In its follow-up series, Go! Greenman, Gabara is created by Tonchiki and placed inside of a toy of Red King, and reveals himself when a group of children play with the figure.


Showa era

All Monsters Attack

Gabara was a resident of Ichiro Miki's imaginary Monster Island, and a constant tormentor to the much smaller Minilla, inspired by Ichiro's own real-life problems with bullies around his neighborhood. After receiving combat training from his father Godzilla, and extra assistance from the human protagonist, Minilla successfully beat Gabara by luring him onto a giant teeter-totter contraption, which launched Gabara high into the air after Minilla grew to full size and jumped on it. Just as Godzilla arrived to congratulate his son, Gabara retaliated and bit Godzilla, who proceeded to unleash his full fury against Gabara. Godzilla beat Gabara senseless and then threw him over his shoulder, sending Gabara running away in defeat.

Go! Godman

Gabara in Go! Godman

Gabara was a mutated bullfrog, and did battle with the hero Godman. After the two had a long scuffle, Gabara was able to pin Godman to the ground and get a couple of hits on him. Godman got back up, and pulled out his God-Crush. Gabara backed up, but Godman was able to repeatedly hit Gabara, and tried choking him using his God-Crush. Gabra pushed him back, But Godman was able to bring him to ground for a little bit, and continued whacking him with his God-Crush. Godman then put away his God-Crush, and took out his God-Discs. He repeatedly threw them at Gabara, exploding on Impact, and Gabara retreated.

Go! Greenman

Gabara in Go! Greenman

Gabara was created for Maoh by Tonchiki, and placed within a figure of the popular Ultra Series kaiju Red King. When the action figure was hit with a stick by the children, Gabara revealed himself, and devoured one of the kids whole. The remaining children frantically ran from the monster before finally summoning Greenman. Upon arriving on Earth, Greenman engaged Gabara in a decisive battle, and with much difficulty was able to safely retrieve the swallowed boy before destroying Gabara.

Reiwa era


Gabara in Godziban
"Uncle Zilla"

Gabara tried stealing coconuts that Minilla had been knocking down from a tall tree. When Minilla tried defending himself with his smoke rings and failed, Gabara started tossing and shocking the little monster. However, Uncle Zilla appeared on the scene, frightening him away. Stumbling around on the rocks, he came face to face with Kamachi and the face on Uncle Zilla's tail and finally retreated into the jungle, giving Minilla and his brothers some time to play with their uncle and cousin.

"The Champion of Justice! JJ-23"

When Gabara tried stealing a pineapple from Minilla, JJ-23 arrived on the scene to intervene. When Gabara tried lying his way out of the situation, JJ-23 ended up using his size-changing abilities to punish the monster, though the pineapple was smashed in the process.

"Emergency News! Great Demon Beast Bagan Appears and Godzilla Fest 2023 Report"

While reporting on Bagan's appearance at Awaji Island (alluding to a brief display of the Bagan puppet at the Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji attraction), Gabara follows the great demon beast's trail of destruction and finds himself being thrown around by the beast's displays of raw power.

Chibi Godzilla Raids Again

Main article: Chibi Gabara.

Chibi Gabara is the manager and seemingly sole worker at a family restaurant on Monster Island. He is a massive slacker that generally pretends to be busy, using his dreams of becoming a famous musician as a defense mechanism when customers complain about his terrible service.


Electrical current

Gabara shocks Minilla with electricity

Gabara can channel energy through his body in the form of electricity. He can then channel it into his arms, and electrify anything he touches with 100,000 volts.[16] A number of publicity photos and art depict Gabara firing an electrical beam from the palm of his hand or from the tip of each of his fingers, though this ability is not shown onscreen.

Hammer Punch

Gabara, after having shocked Minilla, strikes him with a Hammer Punch

Gabara can perform a powerful punch with his right arm, called the Hammer Punch (ハンマー・パンチ).[9] This was used in tandem with his electric abilities against Minilla.


Though this ability is never demonstrated onscreen, Gabara is said to be able to emit a green venom from his body.[9] Godzilla Movie Studio Tour specifies that it comes from his thorns, describing the venom as a "poisonous fluid",[17] while the Kaiju Guide in the PlayStation 3 and 4 Godzilla game states that it originates from his warts.[15]

Smoke breath

Gabara fires his smoke breath at Godman

In Go! Godman, Gabara could spew a noxious, blue smoke from his mouth.

Detachable claws

Gabara throws one of his claws at Greenman, injecting him with venom

In Go! Greenman, Gabara can detach and throw his own claws, which are tipped with venom and can cause powerful explosions.

Human engulfment

Gabara engulfs a child into his stomach

In Go! Greenman, Gabara can trap children by engulfing them into his body. This was shown when he engulfed an innocent boy before being repelled by Greenman.

Video games

Godzilla (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4)

Main article: Godzilla (2014 video game)/Kaiju Guide#Gabara.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

Gabara was a 10 meter-tall monster that lived in the Amazon rainforest and frequently slaughtered local wildlife such as crocodiles. It was reported to have been injured in a thermite explosion and then fell into a river, where it was eaten by crocodiles and piranhas.[11]

Brave Like Godzilla

Gabara will star as the antagonist in an upcoming illustrated children's picture book that will be published by Penguin Young Readers Licenses on June 26, 2024.


Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors - All Hail the King!

Cedric Nishimura had a dream from the perspective of Godzilla, in which he battled Gabara in front of Tokyo Station. Gabara coursed with electricity, but Godzilla blasted his foe with his atomic breath as he charged forward, causing him to collapse into a crouch. Cedric woke up as a powerful lightning storm struck the city. At school the next day, he learned that his friends Emily Hill and Anderson Scott had both dreamed the same dream. Sometime later, Cedric had another dream involving Godzilla battling Gabara along the shore of an ocean - only this time, Gabara was aided by a glowing silhouette of a three-headed dragon. As Godzilla was hit with their lightning beams, Cedric woke up.


  • In a 1990s Monstervision commercial for Turner Network Television (TNT), which used Godzilla film footage with Blue Oyster Cult's related song in a music video-like fashion, Gabara is incorrectly referred to as "Baragon."
  • At the end of the Simpsons episode "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo," Gamera, Rodan, Mothra and Godzilla are seen attacking the Simpsons, as Gabara's laugh-like roar is heard.


Main article: Gabara/Gallery.


Gabara's roars sound like mocking laughter. These roars would later be sped up for the Ultra Series kaiju Muruchi and slightly modified for Yadokarin, Femigon and Cathy. In Go! Godman, he uses roars which would go on to be shared by the monster Tyrant. When Godzilla stomps on Gabara's chest in All Monsters Attack, he emits a chattering noise that was also used for a monkey in episode 44 of Ultraseven. In Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors - All Hail the King!, his roar is written as "SKRAAAWW."

Gabara's roars

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Germany.png German Gabarah Transliteration of name
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew גאברה Transliteration of name
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Габара Transliteration of name


  • Within the context of the film, Gabara is a representation within the dreams of Ichiro Miki, the main character, of a schoolyard bully of the same name. Similarly, Ichiro is represented by Minilla, Godzilla's son. After Godzilla defends his son in Ichiro's dreams, Ichiro is able to overcome his fears and confront the real Gabara.
  • Of all the main antagonist kaiju introduced in the Showa series, Gabara and Megalon are the only ones to have never appeared in another film since the end of the Showa series, although each has been featured in at least one television program since their debut films (Go! Godman and Go! Greenman for Gabara, and Godzilla Island for Megalon).
  • Gabara is the one of only two monsters in the Godzilla film series that exists only in dreams, the other being the Maneater; that is to say, they do not exist in the "real" world like other kaiju. However, he is treated as a corporeal monster in the Japanese story book Giant Dragon Manda, where he teams up with Moguera to antagonize Manda, among other villainous acts across the world; the standalone TV series Go! Godman and Go! Greenman; and various Godzilla video games.
  • Gabara might have inspired the Godzilla: The Series monster the Crackler, as they are both monsters from dreams with powers based on electricity and roars that sound like cackling laughter.
  • Gabara Pond is a location on Godzilla Island in the TV show of the same name.
  • The Godzilla Wars series of trading cards states that Gabara hails from Sollgel Island, while a map in the book Definitive Edition Godzilla Introduction shows Gabara present on Monsterland.
  • The design of Salunga, a monster featured in the 2021 TV series Godzilla Singular Point, is heavily based on Gabara.
  • Coincidentally, there is a genus of moths also named Gabara, though they were first named long before the monster.

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