"Godman vs. Bat Man"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Hundler"
"Godman vs. Bat Man"
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"Godman vs. Bat Man"
Godman vs. Bat Man
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 22 (arc), 115-117 (total)
Air date February 22–24, 1973

"Godman vs. Bat Man" (ゴッドマン対バットマン,   Goddoman tai Battoman) comprises the 115th, 116th and 117th episodes of Go! Godman, the 22nd overall story arc.


The episode begins with two boys building a mountain of rocks. Their fun is cut short when a humanoid bat monster begins to terrorize them. The boys run far away hoping to escape the beast, but the running proves useless, as Bat Man flies into the air and swoops down in front of them. The kids run away again, but this time shout for Godman. Godman flies in from overhead and descends to the ground. Bat Man cowardly begins to run from Godman, but the hero keeps after him. Eventually, they run to a field where Godman manages to catch up, but each of his blows are evaded by the monster. Godman manages to grab the monster and get a few hits off before being thrown to the side. Godman continues after him, but he eventually flies away to a nearby village and grows to giant size. Godman also enlarges and flies to the city. There, Bat Man begins to summon explosions beneath Godman's feat, but he manages to get out of the way of them. The hero charges toward Bat Man multiple times, but is evaded. He also attempts to throw God-Cirlces, but they are knocked out of the air before they're able to explode. Bat Man then begins to run through mountainous terrain trying to lose Godman, but they end up running into one another. Godman makes an effort to defeat Bat Man, but the kaiju's strength coupled with the explosives gives him the edge. Realizing this, Godman summons the God-Crush to turn the tides. Bat Man is pummeled with the weapon and flies up the mountain. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to use the Super Sonic Wave attack, Godman does so, causing Bat Man to explode.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • God-Circles
  • God-Crush




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