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Gattlar in Go! Godman
Alternate names Gyattora
Species Creature
Forms Human Sized, Giant Sized
Allies None
Enemies Godman
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 8: Godman vs. Gattlar
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Gattlar (ギャットラー,   Gyattorā) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 8 of Go! Godman, Godman vs. Gattlar.


Gattlar is a green-skinned creature, but most of his body is covered in strange yellow tubing which covers his entire head and torso.


Go! Godman

Gattlar appears in the eighth episode of Go! Godman, and was the ninth monster to battle the titular Godman. It climbs up a hill and begins throwing boulders at a town below, prompting Godman's arrival. The beast is able to hold its own against Godman in hand to hand combat, and manages to get the upper hand upon grabbing a club and using it against the titular hero. Godman summons his God-Crush to even the odds, however Gattlar manages to knock it out of his hands, allowing him to land a series of blows on the hero. Upon getting the club knocked out of his hands by a God-Circle thrown at him, Gattlar re-engages Godman in melee combat. After more of this bitter struggle, Godman re-summons his God-Circles, prompting Gattlar to throw a boulder at the fire warrior, however Godman simply ducks out of the way and continues throwing a barrage of God-Circles at the beast. Gattlar tries to get a hold of his club again, however in his struggle he tumbles down the hill they were fighting on. Upon reaching the bottom, he's hit with one last God-Circle from the titular hero, causing his body to explode.



Gattlar picks up and throws several boulder over the course of his appearance, both at buildings and at Godman.


Gattlar has a large club-like weapon, using it against Godman and being able to keep a hold of it despite the hero's various attempts to knock it out of its hands. However, it was able to be knocked out of Gattlars hands after a God-Circle was thrown directly at it.


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