Pattern Kaijin

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Pattern Kaijin
The Pattern Kaijin in Go! Greenman
Alternate names The Pattern Monster, Pattern Phantom
Species Minion of Maoh
Controlled by Tonchiki
Relations Tonchiki (Creator)
Allies Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Greenman
First appearance Go! Greenman Episode 51: Greenman vs. Pattern Kaijin
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The Pattern Kaijin (模様怪人,   Moyō kaijin) is a Minion of Maoh kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 51 of Go! Greenman.


The Pattern Kaijin looks identical to a regular Minion of Maoh.


Go! Greenman

The Pattern Kaijin was the fifty-second monster to battle Greenman. It was originally a regular Minion of Maoh, but was granted special abilities by Tonchiki and sent to retrieve children's blood for Maoh. The monster and its creator chased a group of children through a field before two of them used their Green Calls. Greenman flew into the fight, responding to the call and the two villains transported themselves to the Pattern Kaijin's personal dimension where everything is two-dimensional. Greenman managed to transport himself to the dimension too, and chased the Pattern Kaijin. But, the Kaijin transformed himself into a square and Greenman into a circle. The monster (now a circle) began to grow, and trapped the square (Greenman) in itself. The two shapes then teleported out of the dimension and went back to their humanoid forms. But, just like in the dimension, the Pattern Kaijin was bigger than Greenman. Greenman had been shrunk and put into a bag. Tonchiki then accidentally teleported back into the dimension, blamed the Pattern Kaijin for it, and kicked him which allowed Greenman to escape the bag and grow back to normal size. Greenman and the Pattern Kaijin fought, and were transported for a second time to the dimension. This time, Greenman tried to capture the Pattern Kaijin, but it grew and injured Greenman causing him to fall out of the dimension. Now badly damaged, the children began to throw rocks at Tonchiki and the Pattern Kaijin to ward them off, but the Pattern Kaijin chased them away. One of the kids dropped their Green Calls and the Pattern Kaijin picked it up. Not knowing what it did, the Pattern Kaijin pressed the button and Greenman was healed. In the end, the Pattern Kaijin was hurt by Greenman's Ear Boomerang and defeated with the Breaster attack.[1]


The Pattern Kaijin in his dimension


The Pattern Kaijin can transport in and out of its own dimension.


While in its own dimension, it can transform into different shapes and change its size.


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