Greenman vs. Akumon

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Shilarji
Greenman vs. Akumon
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Greenman vs. Akumon
Greenman vs. Akumon
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 41

Greenman vs. Akumon (グリーンマン対アクモン,   Gurīnman tai Akumon) is the forty-first episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave with Maoh furiously muttering to himself about Greenman and his constant thwarting of his plans. Tonchiki walks in to the room and presents a subordinate wearing a full suit of body armor to his master. Maoh is initially reluctant but Tonchiki reassures him of the minion's ability, eventually allowing him to deploy it. Nearby on the surface, a large group of boys are playing a baseball game, the subordinate watching on close by. The batter sends the baseball flying through the air, unintentionally hitting the minion. The ball falls to the ground after hitting the subordinate, whom transports himself inside of the ball to get a sneak attack on the children. One of the children run to where the ball had landed and throws it back in to the field, causing it to explode and release the subordinate, now mutated in to the monster Akumon. Akumon begins chasing the children and is able to grab one of them, much to Maoh's approval. However, the child is able to get free from the monster's grasp and drops a Green Call as he flees. Akumon curiously picks up the object and begins to fiddle with it. Tonchiki realizes and teleports to the scene. Akumon attempts to throw the device in to Tonchiki's mouth but misses, causing it to fall to the ground and activate. Responding to the Green Call's signal, Greenman appears before Akumon and the two begin to battle. After a few exchanges of punches, Akumon steps back and materializes bombs in his hands, launching them off towards Greenman. He is able to evade the explosions however, and they resume fighting. Realizing Greenman is taking the upper hand, Maoh orders Tonchiki to act. Tonchiki obeys, and casts a spell on Akumon causing him to rapidly increase in size. Now towering over Greenman, the monster summons another bomb and fires it directly at Greenman. The explosion is a direct hit, and Greenman's machinery suffers greatly from the blast. Luckily, five of the children notice Greenman's injuries and rush towards him. Three of the boys use Green Calls which repair Greenman's machinery and give him a boost of strength. Fully repaired, Greenman is able to alter his size to match that of Akumon and they finish off their battle in a small town. Greenman is able to seemingly pull ahead in the fight until Akumon once again summons more bombs. Sending a barrage of explosives at Greenman, the hero attempts to dodge the explosions but is still knocked to the ground. Albeit the damages are only minor, as Greenman quickly returns to his feet and summons the Greenman Stick. Using the weapon's Stick Beam attack, Greenman blasts Akumon causing his supply of bombs to drastically decrease to but one. Akumon fires off his final bomb which fails to detonate, allowing Greenman to pick the bomb up and bat it at the monster using the Stick. The bomb lands in Akumon's mouth, causing the monster to be sent in to a state of panic. It begins to frantically run to the top of a small mountain, where the bomb detonates, destroying Akumon. As Maoh furiously scolds Tonchiki, Greenman returns to human size and plays a game of baseball with the children, closing off the episode.



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