Greenman vs. Stegodzillas

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Flasher
Greenman vs. Stegodzillas
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Greenman vs. Stegodzillas
Greenman vs. Stegodzillas
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 35

Greenman vs. Stegodzillas (グリーンマン対ステゴジラス,   Gurīnman tai Sutegojirasu) is the thirty-fifth episode of Go! Greenman.


In the Underground Cave, the always reassuring Tonchiki comforts Maoh as he complains of the underling's constant failures. Tonchiki tells Maoh that he has created a new monster and took it upon himself to deploy it. In a field nearby on the overworld, three boys are throwing darts at three pails filled with water. However unbeknownst to them, the monster is hiding within one of the pails. As they continue to throw the darts, the monster becomes disturbed and bursts out from its hiding place as well as revealing its identity to be Stegodzillas. The monster chases the frightened boys who stop near some bushes and use their Green Calls to summon Greenman to the scene. Leaping forth from seemingly midair, Greenman lands atop a hill towering over Stegodzillas. They charge forth at one another, beginning their brawl with a flurry of punches and shoves. Stegodzillas is quickly overwhelmed and knocked to the ground, Greenman hastily pinning him. But, Stegodzillas is able to knock Greenman off of him and they both return to their feet. After Greenman is also knocked down, the two combatants begin up the hill and continue their battle at the top. However this position does not last long, as they pin one another in an embrace and roll down the hill. At the foot of the hill, Stegodzillas quickly jumps to his feet and flies through the air back to the top of the hill, materializing a blowgun in his hands in the process. With the monster on the high ground and the blowgun aimed directly towards him, Greenman begins to run to cover, darts whizzing past him. He ducks behind a few logs stood upright and wrapped with twine. The darts stick in to the wood and Greenman is able to jump back into the open before summoning the Greenman Stick. He uses the weapon's Beam Stick ability which fires a blast at Stegodzillas resulting in the blowgun being knocked out of his hands. They resume their combat, this time Greenman easily taking the upper hand utilizing the Greenman Stick. Maoh, watching the fight from a viewing screen in the Underground Cave, sees that Stegodzillas's defeat is imminent and orders Tonchiki to act. This prompts Tonchiki to teleport to the scene, however before he can make it there Greenman uses the Greenman Stick's Stick Fire ability which launches an explosive projectile at the monster's chest, igniting it. Stegodzillas is knocked down from the blast and loses consciousness just as Tonchiki appears. Scared for his life, Tonchiki begins to flee, much to Maoh's dismay. Seeing as his underling is of no use, Maoh takes matters in to his own hands and casts a spell on Stegodzillas, reviving him and re-granting him his blowgun weapon. This time, the dart makes contact with Greenman who instinctively removes it from his body. This severely weakens Greenman and brings him to his hands and knees as Stegodzillas beats on him. The three children from earlier, now hiding in some bushes, realize Greenman's inability to fight back and use the Green Calls once more. Greenman's eyes light up in response to the Calls' signals and he is transported to the top of the hill, now fully repaired. Tonchiki and Stegodzillas, not realizing Greenman is still close by, begin chasing the children but are stopped by Greenman who jumps in front of them. Their battle closes out atop the hill when Greenman knocks him off and uses the Breaster ability to destroy him. The children ever thankful for the monster's destruction, wave Greenman goodbye as he flies away in to space.



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