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Akumon in Go! Greenman
Alternate names Akmon, Ackmon
Species Servant of ???G!Go, Armored Minion of Maoh MutationG!Gr
Forms Human Size, Giant Size
Controlled by Tonchiki
Relations ??? (Master)G!Go, Stegodzillas (Comrade)G!Go, Tonchiki (Creator)G!Gr
Allies ???, Stegodzillas, Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Godman, Greenman
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 26: Godman vs. Stegodzillas and Akumon

Akumon (アクモン,   Akumon) is an armored kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in episode 26 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Godman titled Godman vs. Stegodzillas and Akumon.


Akumon is a humanoid monster with red skin and a deformed face. His basic appearance stays the same throughout his appearances, however, each time he is wearing different clothing. In Go! Godman, he wore a black and white striped bodysuit under a velvet red robe with a golden swastika on it and a rope-like belt, as well as white gloves and black boots. In Go! Greenman he wore a full set of clothing similar to armor or a tunic, leaving only his head exposed.


Go! Godman

Akumon was the 38th and final monster to battle Godman.

Go! Greenman

Akumon also appeared in episode 41 of the Greenman series. He was the forty-second monster to battle Greenman.


Tommy Gun

In Go! Godman, Akumon had a Tommy Gun to shoot Godman.


In Go! Greenman, Akumon had bombs that could be thrown at enemies.


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  • Because of Akumon's head being the only exposed part of his body in both of his appearances, it can be concluded that his "suit" is nothing more than a mask which is paired with different clothing.
  • A similarly-named monster, Akkumoon, appears in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.


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