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Kinger in Go! Godman
Enemies Godman
Designed by Teizo Toshimitsu
First appearance Go! Godman episode 1,
"Godman vs. Kinger"

Kinger (キンガー,   Kingā) is a kaiju who appears in the first episode of Go! Godman, titled "Godman vs. Kinger."


Kinger's name may be derived from the Japanese word kin (金), meaning "gold," or the English word "king."


Kinger resembles a lizard or bird. He has yellow reptilian skin, sharp claws, white spikes on his back, and a large, conical beak. His claws, the tip of his beak and his horns are all a dull silver color, while his tail is green.


Go! Godman

"Godman vs. Kinger"

Kinger appeared next to a mountain on which some kids were playing, which ran away and call Godman. Godman appears from the sky and descents to the ground, growing to the monster's size to fight him. After trading some punches and kicks, Godman goes to a cliff and summons his God-Crush to attack Kinger, who after being hit by it multiple times, throws Godman to the ground and makes the weapon go flying. Godman then summons a God-Circle which fails to hit Kinger, who after this suddenly disappears. Godman tries to look around the area to find Kinger, when he suddenly reappears and when Godman sees him, he disappears again. Kinger is then grabbed by Godman and is hit on his tail by a God-Circle, which burns it and causes him to go running around in pain, which causes the kids watching the fight to laugh. After more fighting, Kinger is thrown by Godman to the cliff and uses his God-Spark but misses every time. Kinger then gets up and starts to teleport again and again until Godman uses his Supersonic Wave attack, which causes Kinger to repeteadly fall and teleport back until he explodes.



Kinger is capable of teleportation. He uses this ability multiple times after Godman fails to blow a hit with his God-Spark to slowly approach him and does it again after Godman uses his Supersonic Wave before exploding.


Kinger is capable of becoming invisible. He uses this ability after Godman fails to hit him with the God-Circle to confuse him, before making himself visible again and becoming invisible when Godman reacts.



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Kinger's roars are modified Gezora's roars from Space Amoeba, similar to those used by the Ultra Kaiju King Maimai and later Birdon.


  • The head of Kinger's suit was later separated from its body and used to portray the monster Madalan, while the body was altered to become Wolflar.


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