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Reizos in Super Fleet Sazer-X: Secrets of the Fighting Legends - Public Release
Subtitle(s) Space Terror-Beast
(宇宙恐獣,   Uchū Kyōjū)[1]
Enemies Core-Braver, Great-Lio,
Wind-Eagle, Magna-Beet
First appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X: Secrets of the Fighting Legends - Public Release
Do not confuse with the kaiju Reizaus, from Super Fleet Sazer-X.

Reizos (レイゾス,   Reizosu) is a Descal kaiju created by Toho that appears in the 2005 tokusatsu DVD special, Super Fleet Sazer-X: Secrets of the Fighting Legends - Public Release.


Reizos' appearance is nearly identical to that of the main series monster Reizaus, with the only main differences being its shorter head horns and less-jagged claws.


Super Fleet Sazer-X: Secrets of the Fighting Legends - Public Release

Reizos was unleashed upon a city in Japan by the pirate fleet Descal through a Terror-Beast Barrel, following an aerial battle with the Sazer-X team's mechs. The barrel crash lands on a street and erupts into the looming monster. Beginning its rampage through the city, Reizos fires a destructive red beam from its mouth at a building, decimating it. Noticing this, the Sazers eject from their vehicles and summon the Core-Caliber, which Lio-Sazer quickly mans and transforms into the humanoid mecha, Core-Braver. The giants engage in short-range combat, but Reizos appears unaffected by the Core-Braver's melee blows, and thus Lio-Sazer commands the mech to fire its Core-Laser missiles. Again seemingly unafflicted, Reizos retaliates by swinging its tail at the Core-Braver, but the machine evades the attack and lands a swift kick to the monster's head. Stepping back, the Core-Braver performs its Brave-Shot attack, launching a barrage of missiles at the beast, but it is again ineffective. In order to gain an edge over the monster, Lio-Sazer summons his personal attack vehicle, the Lio-Carrier, and combines it with the Core-Braver to form Great-Lio. Reizos fires its mouth beam at Great-Lio, however it only succeeds in provoking the mech, which fires a beam from its chest in return and blows Reizos backward into a building. As Reizos rises once more, Lio-Sazer summons Eagle-Sazer's vehicle, the Adle-Eagle, and combines it with the Core-Braver to instead form Wing-Eagle. Wind-Eagle then detaches its shoulder-mounted Eagle-Rifles and fires on the advancing Reizos with a barrage of energy bullets. Lio-Sazer again summons another compatible vehicle, this time Beet-Sazer's Beet-Visor, and combines it with the Core-Braver to form Magna-Beet. Now equipped with an immense arsenal of weaponry, the transformed Magna-Beet reveals its Megalo-Cannon and performs an all-out assault on the beast in tandem with its finger missiles. With Reizos still standing, Lio-Sazer transforms back into Great-Lio and fuses its Lio-Cutters into the Lio-Javelin, using the weapon to perform a devastating finishing move. Several waves of flaming projectiles successfully connect with Reizos' body, leaving an X-shaped mark across its chest before it collapses and explodes.



Reizos was shown to be immensely resilient, unaffected by all of the Core-Braver's attacks and only sustaining minor injuries from the weaponry of Great-Lio, Wing-Eagle, and Magna-Beet.

Mouth Beam

Reizos is able to fire a red-colored energy beam from its mouth in a very similar manner to Reizaus, which was powerful enough to completely decimate a building.


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