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The Firebird
Subtitle(s) High Temperature Monster
(高温怪獣,   Kōon Kaijū)[1]
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 1,
"The Firebird"

The Firebird (ファイヤーバード,   Faiyābādo) is a phoenix kaiju. She is the antagonist of the first episode of the 1978 Hanna-Barbera animated series Godzilla, titled "The Firebird."


The Firebird is a red avian kaiju with reptilian traits. Her head has a curved, yellow beak with a long, forked tongue inside; orange eyes with red pupils and white markings around them; a yellow, curved crest; and a long neck with a dark red underside. Her body is plump and also has a dark-red underside; bat-like wings with two claw-like fingers; a pair of legs with four-toed, eagle-like feet with black claws; and a long, serpentine tail.



"The Firebird"

The Firebird lived in the magma of the Earth, but one day she was urged to go to the surface to nest. The Firebird rose from a dormant volcano that threatened to start a chain reaction around the globe. The Calico, arriving in response to geologists' distress calls, discovered the cause of the violent eruption when they actually ventured inside the mountain.

Enraged at finding humans intruding in her home, the Firebird broke free of the lava and rock and flew into the sky, but she had a new challenger in the form of Godzilla, who rose from the sea to fight. She fired heat waves at Godzilla and used her talons and beak against him, but the battle ended in a draw. She then flew to the Arctic to lay her eggs only for Godzilla to rise from the water to fight her again. The fight eventually sent both Godzilla and the Firebird plummeting into the water, where she fled into an underwater cave. Godzilla imprisoned her inside the cave by sealing its entrance with rocks.


Heat wave

In front of a mostly blue sky, the Firebird, a large, red, avian monster with bat-like wings and a serpentine tail, fires a wave of heat, represented by a stream of four yellow, wavy lines, from her beak. She is positioned starting from slightly above the center-left side of the screen and is visible from the waist up.
The Firebird firing a heat ray

The Firebird can spew an intense wave of heat from her beak.

Fire breath

On a partially cloudy, blue sky, the head and neck of the Firebird, a large, red, avian monster with bat-like wings and a serpentine tail, are seen starting at the bottom-right corner of the screen where she is breathing fire at Godzooky, a small, green, saurian monster with small wings that he's flying with and a row of spikes going down his head. Godzooky is located at the center-left of the screen and is ducking mid-air to avoid the attack while looking surprised.
The Firebird breathing fire at Godzooky

In addition to being able to shoot waves of heat, the Firebird can also breathe a stream of fire, something she demonstrates when Godzooky attempts intervening in her battle against Godzilla in the Arctic.


With her massive wings, the Firebird is capable of powered flight. Her wings additionally appear to be strong enough to cut through one of the icy peaks in the Arctic.

Body heat and tolerance

As the Firebird normally lives in the Earth's magma, not only does she has a naturally high body temperature, but she is also able to withstand the extremely hot temperatures of her environment. When she migrated to the Arctic to lay her eggs, her high body temperature risked melting the region's ice.

Physical capabilities

The Firebird is capable of using her feet to lift objects and even other kaiju, something she utilizes against Godzilla while fighting him.


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