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Giant Bat
The Giant Bat in Godzilla: The Series
Alternate names Mutant Bat, Batty, Bat-Boy
Species Irradiated bat
Controlled by Leviathan Aliens
Allies Crustaceous Rex*, Cryptocledius*, Godzilla*, Giant Mutant Queen Bee*, Huge Mutant Rat*, El Gusano Gigante*, Cyber Godzilla*, King Cobra*
Enemies Godzilla, Skeetera, King Cobra, Cryptocledius
Designed by Fil Barlow
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: The Series
episode 12, "Monster Wars: Part 1"
Godzilla: The Series
episode 24, "S.C.A.L.E."

The Giant Bat (巨大コウモリ,   Kyodai Kōmori) is a giant chiropteran monster who first appears in episode 12 of Godzilla: The Series, "Monster Wars: Part 1."


The Giant Bat has a blue body with enormous wings and no upper arms. It has long pointed ears and thin, long, hair on its head. Its elongated, pink nostrils stand erect on its light blue snout, and its yellow eyes are ringed in red flesh. Its lower back sports a visible bone structure resembling vertebrae.


The Giant Bat is a mutation that was likely caused by nuclear testing in Africa by the French government, as suggested in "New Family: Part 2," where this is the suggested origin for most of the series' monsters.


Godzilla: The Series

"Monster Wars: Part 1"

The Giant Bat was a mutation living in Nigeria, where it terrorized villages for food. After sending livestock into a stampede with its screech in Kano, the Giant Bat flew to Lagos where it did the same, and flew away with oxen from carts in a street market. H.E.A.T. was then called to eliminate the threat, but they had recently disbanded due to increased hostilities created by Leviathan Alien interference, so only Dr. Niko Tatopoulos and Godzilla came to Lagos. Tatopoulos and the Nigerian military searched mangrove swamps for the Giant Bat, where it swooped down at them. Godzilla then attacked the Bat and chased it into the city. Godzilla tackled it underwater, but the Bat quickly escaped, albeit with water in its ears interfering with its echolocation. It trapped Godzilla's head in a bridge and bit his snout before being called away by the Leviathan Aliens.

"Monster Wars: Part 2"

Upon realizing that it was being followed, the Giant Bat attacked the Heat-Seeker, and they tried to evade it, before a Cryptocledius emerged from the water and aided it in its attack. The battle raged on, and H.E.A.T. was able to emit a reverse frequency of the Bat's echolocation frequency in order to blind it. They then sent out a radar pulse to turn the Bat on the Cryptocledius, which worked, allowing them to escape, but the Leviathan Aliens stopped the fight and called the monsters back to Site Omega. All of the monsters were then sent into the world's major cities to cause destruction. The Giant Bat was sent to Paris along with King Cobra.

"Monster Wars: Part 3"

The Giant Bat continued its rampage until H.E.A.T. deactivated the Leviathan Aliens' mind control beacon. At that point, the Giant Bat began to perceive Leviathan Alien ships as intruders on its territory, and began to target them instead of humans. This behavior saved H.E.A.T.'s life when the Giant Bat came to defend Site Omega. It then attacked Cyber Godzilla with its sonic screech, but it produced a stronger wave that incapacitated the Giant Bat, who was kept on the island chain as it was adapted into a Mutation Research Facility.


A few months later, the organization S.C.A.L.E. freed the monsters of Monster Island, including the Giant Bat. At this point, it had been outfitted with a high-tech collar that prevented it from using its sonic screech. Although it was uncaged, its movements were still restricted by security lasers that would fire at the collar if it went too far. It faced a few monsters before being recaptured and returned to its area of the island.

"Future Shock"

In an alternate future where the D.R.A.G.M.A.s took over Earth, the Giant Bat was killed along with the other monsters of Monster Island.

"Underground Movement"

A Giant Mutant Vampire Bat, possibly the same creature, was briefly mentioned in the episode "Underground Movement". Most of H.E.A.T. had to go to Florida to settle a lawsuit for the damages that were caused while Godzilla fought it. Fortunately, the suit was thrown out and H.E.A.T. returned to their mission.


Sonic screech

The Giant Bat's sonic screech is powerful enough to temporarily stun larger monsters like Godzilla and destroy structures such as a monument in Paris.


The Giant Bat is able to fly at high speed and altitude for long periods of time.

Physical abilities

The Giant Bat is strong enough to carry a wagon with several adult cows into the air. It can also deliver a painful bite.


The Giant Bat's sensitive hearing can be used to confuse it, disorient it, and disrupt its ability to navigate.

Video games

Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars

One night in a nondescript city, the Giant Bat came face to face with Godzilla and attacked him with long, thin projectiles which may have been intended as a form of acid spit, and it was able to do a considerable amount of damage to him. Ultimately, however, the Bat flew away in retreat, leaving H.E.A.T. knowing that they had not seen the last of this flying mutation.


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