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Leviathan Aliens
Leviathan Alien
Pawns Reptilians, Cryptocledius,
Cyber Godzilla, Godzilla, Giant Bat, Crustaceous Rex, Queen Bee,
El Gusano Gigante, King Cobra
Enemies Humans
First appearance Godzilla: The Series
episode 8: "Leviathan"
Latest appearance Godzilla: The Series episode 14:
"Monster Wars: Part 3"

The Leviathan Aliens are an alien race created by TriStar that first appeared in the 1998 Godzilla: The Series episode, "Leviathan."


Godzilla: The Series


The Leviathan Aliens were a species of six-limbed, telepathic extraterrestrials that landed on Earth sixty-five million years ago, around the extinction of the dinosaurs. They stayed alive long enough to breed the Reptilians and Cryptocledius before going dormant. In the present day, they were awakened when a team of scientists, Dr. Alexander Preloran and his assistants Dr. Hans Sopler and Dr. Ted Hoffman, found their ship, the Leviathan, stuck at the bottom of the ocean. While investigating, however, they discovered that the alien crew was still alive.

Soon afterwards, H.E.A.T. encountered a transmission coming from the aliens, and tracked the source to the Hazard Abyss. They furthermore discovered that the team of scientists never returned from their expedition, and so investigated the situation. When they docked with the Leviathan, they found the crew alive, and that they had taken Dr. Preloran as their mental captive. Having used their telepathic abilities to absorb the scientists' knowledge, the aliens decided to colonize Earth. After Nick Tatopoulos blew up the Leviathan's controls, Preloran broke free of the Leviathan Aliens' control, and sacrificed himself to let the others escape. The ship then exploded, killing all on it.

"Monster Wars" Trilogy

The Leviathan Aliens had actually downloaded their minds into Preloran's two assistants, Drs. Sopler and Hoffman, who gradually mutated into the forms of the Leviathan Aliens. The two used their new psychic abilities to keep H.E.A.T. divided and the U.S. military on their side, and then use the military's technology to resurrect the original Godzilla as a cyborg called Cyber Godzilla. The cyborg attacked Nick and H.E.A.T., but when Godzilla came to the rescue, he was torn between his biological parent, Cyber Godzilla, and his adoptive father, Nick. The Leviathan Aliens used this confusion to take control of Godzilla, and unleashed him and the other mutations on Earth they had taken control of to attack major cities. This way, human military forces would be weakened enough to be unable to resist the approaching Leviathan Alien fleet. However, Dr. Mendel Craven managed to scramble the signal that was controlling the monsters, allowing them to turn against the aliens and destroy enough of the Leviathan Alien craft to force a retreat. Godzilla then turned against his biological parent and battled Cyber Godzilla, eventually tearing off his arm and chestplate and destroying him. With the Leviathan Aliens' plans foiled, Sopler and Hoffman became free of the Leviathan Aliens' control and reverted almost entirely back to their human forms, albeit in a catatonic state. The Leviathan Aliens' base of operations, Site Omega, was later converted by the U.S. military into a containment facility for Earth's monsters dubbed Monster Island.

Video Games

Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars

While the Leviathan Aliens do not appear physically, and most of their involvement in the "Monster Wars" story is entirely absent, a 55-million-year-old tachyon distress beacon was active under the Pacific Ocean, and it drew a Cryptocledius toward it. However, unlike in the show, these aliens, who are more likely than not meant to be the Leviathan Aliens, never made any sort of contact with humanity, and after the defeat of Cyber Godzilla, they retreated having left no clue to their intentions on Earth.


Concept art


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 洗脳エイリアン Sennō Eirian Brainwashing Alien



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