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The Exif religious leaders Metphies and Endurph in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Leader Endurph
Pawns Gigan, Titanosaurus
Homeworld Exifcalus
Allies Humans, Bilusaludo
First appearance Latest appearance
GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters GODZILLA: The Planet Eater
People of Earth, we are the Exif. We are observers and predictors. We have come to tell you of your destiny. Your time of destruction is nigh. You must discover a path to devotion.

Endurph introduces the Exif to mankind in 2035 (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

The Exif (エクシフ,   Ekushifu) are a race of extraterrestrials that first appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters. They are one of three member races of the United Earth, along with the Humans and Bilusaludo.


This race's English name is given as "Exif" on the official website for GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, which is a close approximation of their Japanese name, Ekushifu (エクシフ). However, the English-language press materials given to SciFi Japan by Toho use two different names for the race: Exiles and Xiliens.[1]


The Exif look very similar to humans, but are considerably more pale and have white hair, patterned after mizura, a hairstyle popular among male nobles in ancient Japan. Exif have pointy ears positioned slightly higher than humans'.[2] The only two Exif depicted so far are male religious figures, and wear long white and purple robes. Exif possess longer lifespans than humans, and so Metphies has the appearance of a 25 year-old human despite being 50 years old, while Endurph looks like a 50 year-old human despite being 105 years old.


The Exif are a highly religious race. Following the loss of their home planet, they have wandered the universe, seeking out other planets in need and converting their inhabitants to their religion. They claim to have the altruistic goal to "save" other races through religious devotion, and this is what allegedly motivated them to visit Earth and join the United Earth with the Bilusaludo and the native humans. While the Exif primarily serve as clergy in the alliance, they have contributed their technology to the military efforts of the United Earth and several of their members, including Endurph and Metphies, serve as high-ranking military officials aboard the Aratrum's Central Committee. Using their Gematron calculation technology, the Exif help plot the course of the Aratrum and calculate probabilities for the success of certain tactics or actions. Officially, the Exif cardinal Endurph leads the race aboard the Aratrum, while his archbishop Metphies handles the day-to-day functions of their faith on his behalf. In reality however, the humanitarian and devoted appearance the Exif present is merely a facade for their true nature. The Exif are really religious fanatics who embrace a nihilistic philosophy. When they first made contact with the all-powerful extradimensional entity known as Ghidorah, the Exif embraced the belief that life was meaningless in the face of such incomprehensible beings, and willingly sacrificed their planet to Ghidorah. The Exif which survived accepted Ghidorah as their deity and found a new purpose in serving him, traveling the universe to convert the inhabitants of other worlds to their way of thinking before summoning Ghidorah to eat their planets and wipe out all of their life. Metphies is actually the oracle of the Exif and is the true leader of the Exif mission on Earth. The Exif are able to communicate with Ghidorah using a device known as the Garbetrium, which allows for their use of Gematron calculation. Through Gematron calculation, Ghidorah helps the Exif to know the future and develop advanced technology. The Exif symbol, a seven-pointed star, represents the three heads, two wings, and two tails of Ghidorah.


The Exif hail from Exifcalus, the fourth satellite of the star BD+48 740 in the Perseus constellation.[2] 100,000 years ago, Exifcalus was destroyed by the monster Ghidorah, and the Exif have been wandering space as vagrants ever since. It is likely the Exif had visited Earth in humanity's ancient past, inspiring the many religions of the world, all of which were meant to imitate the Exif religion. It is proposed that many deities, holy figures, and prophets of human religions, including God, Jesus, Allah, and Buddha, all came from the Exif religion.[3] The Exif finally revealed themselves to mankind in 2035, when their spaceships appeared over New York. They claimed to have come to restore humanity's faith after losing faith in existing religion due to the emergence of Godzilla.


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

The Exif joined together with the Bilusaludo and Humans to form the United Earth, an organization whose goal was to fight back the monster overrunning the Earth. Unfortunately, the combination of the three races' resources was powerless to stop Godzilla, and so by 2048 the Exif helped the remnants of humanity flee the planet and emigrate to a new home in the Cetus constellation. When humanity's new home, Tau-e, proved uninhabitable, Exif religious figures Metphies and Endurph accompanied a United Earth force on a return expedition to Earth to reclaim it from Godzilla. Once they arrived, however, they discovered that 20,000 years had passed on Earth and it had become an alien ecosystem ruled by Godzilla.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle


GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

After Mechagodzilla City was destroyed, Metphies managed to convince the survivors that they had survived because of divine intervention. When Haruo Sakaki attempted to confront him, he told him his plan to bring his god to earth, and that he needed Haruo's help. Miana briefly learned of the Exif's plans before she was captured, and telepathically communicated with Haruo and Maina.

Metphies later held a ritual with his followers and Endurph to summon their god, Ghidorah. Ghidorah appeared as a shadow, eating Metphies' followers. On his way to earth, he destroyed the Aratrum. On arrival, Ghidorah attacked Godzilla Earth, the latter fighting back only to find he could not touch the monster, who began draining his energy. Dr. Martin Lazzari believed Ghidorah was from another dimension, and had to be guided by someone in their universe. Haruo found Metphies on a hilltop and saw that he had replaced one of his eyes with a Garbetrium bead. Metphies then revealed the Exif's belief that their universe is finite, which led them to guide Ghidorah in feeding on planets. He then told Haruo that he must submit himself to Ghidorah in order to guide the rest of humanity to offer itself to Ghidorah.

Meanwhile, Maina and Martin telepathically intervened with the use of Mothra's egg. Haruo then learned of the Exif's deception, which led to the exploration party's deaths. He then was inspired and broke free of Metphies' influence, cracking Metphies' Garbetrium bead and allowing Godzilla to defeat Ghidorah. Metphies died, but not before telling Haruo that Ghidorah would be watching him.

Later on, Haruo received a vision in which Metphies stated that time was still on his side. Realizing that so long as he and Nanometal remained, the cycle of hatred and destruction that led to Ghidorah's summoning could begin anew. Haruo took matters into his own hands, taking Yuko Tani's body inside the last Vulture and letting himself be intentionally killed by Godzilla.



The Exif possess a future prediction technology known as Gematron (ゲマトロン,   Gematoron), based on their own mathematical system. Another name for Gematron is Gematria, which is the name of the alphanumeric code used in ancient Hebrew culture. It is possible this is because the Hebrew Gematria was adopted from the Exif system when the Exif visited Earth in the ancient past.[4] Gematron is associated with a sacred oracle instrument possessed by the Exif known as Garbetrium (ガルビトリウム,   Garubitoriumu), which allows the Exif to receive messages from their God. Gematron calculation can be applied to subspace navigation,[5] ecological classification of monsters, detection of enemies,[4] and the selection of individuals for the Extraterrestrial Emigration Plan.[3]


At least some members of the Exif, including Metphies and Endurph, are telepathic and can communicate with each other in this way. Their telepathy is so advanced that the Houtua cannot detect it, and they are able to simultaneously block the Houtua from reading their minds while secretly reading the minds of the Houtua.



GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle


  • The Exif are named after and inspired by the Xiliens.[2]

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