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Metphies in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Species Exif
Age 50
Height 195 centimeters[1]
Affiliation(s) United Earth
Occupation Archbishop, Colonel
First appearance Latest appearance
of the Monsters
Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Takahiro Sakurai
Lucien Dodge
Daniel Schütter
Armando Guerrero (Standard),
Daniel Gonzalez Lillo (Castilian)
Maxime Van Santfoort
Omar Maestroni
Rodrigo Nanal
We Exif have been wandering through space as vagrants far longer than Earthlings have, and we've witnessed many civilizations destroyed. Many have been regretfully destroyed by creatures similar to Godzilla. He is the punishing iron hammer for the arrogant. For the species who pronounce themselves as lords of creation, a divine avenger will pay them a visit.

— Metphies to Haruo Sakaki (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

Metphies (メトフィエス,   Metofiesu) is a colonel aboard the emigrant spaceship Aratrum who first appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film, GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Character Description

An Xilien alien, Metphies is an archbishop in the religious class of his race, and an ally of Haruo. He is a moral being who respects others, and his [sic] known for his soft smile and gentle tone. The Exiles are a long-lived race, and Metphies has an appearance equivalent to a 25 year-old human.[2]


Metphies is a benevolent archbishop of the Exif religion. He is very calm and gentle as well as emotionally restrained, never demonstrating the intense emotion of his friend Haruo Sakaki. He is very interested in Haruo and seems to have much respect for him. He also seems genuinely concerned for the human race and is willing to help them defeat Godzilla. Metphies is very wise and is able to discover the true intentions of others, such as the Bilusaludo's plan to assimilate the Earth with Nanometal. Metphies strongly believes that civilizations are doomed to create monsters once they reach a certain point of advancement, and that monsters like Godzilla are a form of divine punishment for civilizations that become arrogant and pronounce themselves "lords of creation." However, in the final film of the trilogy, Metphies' humanitarian inclination turns out to be nothing more than a mask for a more sinister persona. Metphies is a religious fanatic and a nihilist, believing life is meaningless when compared to the much more powerful forces in the universe like the Exif God, Ghidorah. Because of this, he believes that the best thing a person can do for himself and others is mutual euthanasia, since life is meaningless and full of pain and misery. Metphies believes in a peaceful death, as he doesn't want to cause what he is trying to destroy: pain. These beliefs are best exemplified by his ultimate plan to summon Ghidorah to destroy Earth. His commitment to Ghidorah is as stubborn as Haruo's hatred for Godzilla, and in his dying breath he tells Haruo that Ghidorah will continue to watch him. While Metphies is incredibly manipulative and ruthless in achieving his ultimate goal, going so far as to mislead his followers and cause countless deaths, he truly believes he is helping mankind achieve a higher purpose and granting them mercy in the wake of a cruel reality. His admiration for Haruo is also genuine; he believes Haruo is the chosen hero who can convince the rest of mankind to follow in his footsteps and offer themselves to Ghidorah.


Reiwa Series

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

An Exif archbishop and colonel aboard the Aratrum, Metphies visited Haruo Sakaki in his cell after the latter was arrested following his attempt to stop the landing expedition to the surface of Tau Ceti-e. Metphies claimed he was there to hear Haruo's confession, but in reality he had come to provide him with classified data regarding Godzilla so that Haruo could use it in his "Godzilla annihilation strategy." Haruo aimed to prove that humanity could have defeated Godzilla 22 years ago before it abandoned Earth with the correct strategy, and Metphies remarked that it almost seemed Haruo wanted to see that monster again. Haruo anonymously published his report aboard the Aratrum, and rumors of a plan to return to Earth and reclaim it from Godzilla began to circulate around the ship. The Central Committee knew someone among them had given the author classified data, but they were unsure who it was. Around this time, Metphies visited the quarters of Mulu-elu Galu-gu, a Bilusaludo colonel on the ship. Metphies asked Galu-gu if he had read Haruo's report, and Galu-gu replied that he had and when he downloaded the latest version, it already had over 400 views. Metphies asked Galu-gu what he thought of the plan, and Galu-gu expressed his doubts that humanity would have been able to defeat Godzilla even with this plan. He said that if Godzilla were defeated, it would only be a matter of time before the Exif's cult took over the Earth. Metphies countered by saying that had the Bilusaludo's Mechagodzilla been successful in defeating Godzilla, they likely would have turned it against humanity next. Galu-gu chuckled and said none of that mattered now, as both alien races had failed to defeat Godzilla and now were in the same situation as humanity.

Not long after, the Central Committee approved a plan to return to Earth using the Aratrum's experimental hyperdrives, and successfully completed the return voyage. When it arrived, it was determined at least 10,000 years had passed on Earth due to time dilation, however Reconnaissance Drones sent to the planet's surface confirmed that Godzilla was still alive and active after all this time. As the Central Committee debated how to proceed next, Metphies stated that he was prepared to reveal the author of the anti-Godzilla plan so long as all charges for stealing classified information were dropped, and Haruo was released on bail. Left with no options, the Committee agreed and allowed Haruo to propose his anti-Godzilla plan. The plan was approved, and a mission to the planet's surface to destroy Godzilla, under the command of Colonel Eliott Leland, was put into motion. Metphies was part of the mission, and traveled to Earth aboard a Landing Ship with Leland and Haruo, who was kept in handcuffs. As the ship approached the surface, Metphies told Haruo that he believed he was the one destined to defeat Godzilla, and that the truth would be shown soon enough.

However, the mission did not go as planned, as a group of Servum attacked Leland's company and badly damaged several Landing Ships. Leland gave the order to abort the mission and return to the Aratrum, much to Haruo's frustration, but Metphies pointed out that they could not return to the ship even if they wanted to due to the damage sustained to their ships. Leland ordered their company to move through the Tanzawa Pass and rendezvous with the other companies, where they could refuel and repair the ships and thus return to the Aratrum. As their Landing Ship flew through the pass, Metphies mentioned that Haruo seemed to be lost in thought. Haruo asked what the point of coming to Earth was if they were just going to retreat again, but Metphies said that neither Haruo nor Leland seemed to understand Godzilla's purpose. Metphies explained that during the time the Exif wandered space, they witnessed many great civilizations fall at the hands of creatures similar to Godzilla. Metphies believed such creatures were divine punishment for civilizations that became too arrogant, and that for this reason Godzilla would not let humanity escape. True to Metphies' warning, Godzilla appeared near the pass and began approaching the company. Leland ordered all units to move away from Godzilla, but the damaged Landing Ship carrying Haruo and Metphies began to lose altitude and show risk of exploding. Metphies set Haruo free from his binds and told him to do as his soul commanded, then fled the ship along with Martin Lazzari and Yuko Tani. Haruo used a Hover Bike to try and get Godzilla to deploy his asymmetrically permeable shield so they could pinpoint the organ that produced it, but the Bike's weapons were ineffective. However, before Haruo could foolishly ram his Bike headfirst into Godzilla, Leland opened fire on the monster from a Multipodal Battery, which while successful in forcing Godzilla to deploy the shield, resulted in Leland's demise from a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath.

Leland's sacrifice was not in vain, as Galu-gu was able to determine the location of Godzilla's EMP organ in his dorsal plates. Metphies contacted the Central Committee and informed them of Leland's death, which by default put him in charge of the mission. The Committee gave Metphies permission to do anything necessary to bring back as many people as possible. Metphies then addressed the surviving troops, saying that he was not the man for the job and handing command over to Haruo. Haruo gave an impassioned speech to the troops, expressing his resolve to give everything they have to defeat Godzilla once and for all. Haruo's plan was put into action, with Godzilla being lured into the Tanzawa Pass by a fleet of Hover Bikes, then buried in rubble created by explosive charges placed in the area. Artillery destroyed Godzilla's EMP organ, allowing Haruo to place an EMP Probe into Godzilla's body using a Powered Suit while the shield was disabled. The other Powered Suit units followed suit, and the accumulated electromagnetic energy caused Godzilla to explode. While the soldiers celebrated their victory, a huge earthquake struck the area, and from a nearby mountain emerged the original Godzilla, now grown to over 300 meters in height. The Godzilla the humans had killed had simply been a smaller clone grown from Godzilla's cells. As Godzilla prepared to annihilate the humans' forces, Metphies watched from a nearby hill, delivering an ominous monologue stating that the "King of Destruction" had finally shown himself again after 20,000 years.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

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GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

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Concept Art

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters Manga


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9 months ago
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Question: How was Metphies able to place the “Ghidorah Medallion” (as I’ll call it) in his eye without breaking it? Because it seemed Haruo needed no effort to break it.

(Also, is it me, or do the Exif look like Zelda characters?)


21 months ago
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"50 years old but with the body of a 25 year old!"

...uh, dermatologists hate him?


4 months ago
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