Jim Bradley

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James "Jim" Bradley
Bradley in Varan the Unbelievable
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Scientist
Related to Anna Bradley (wife)
First appearance Varan the Unbelievable
Played by Myron Healy

Captain James R. "Jim" Bradley is an American military scientist who serves as the main protagonist of Varan the Unbelievable, the 1962 American cut of the 1958 Toho film Varan.


Showa era

Varan the Unbelievable

Captain Bradley was an American soldier and scientist working with the Japanese government to develop an antisaline chemical to convert saltwater to freshwater. In October of 1959 he located the ideal spot for testing on the Japanese island of Kunoshirashima. Unfortunately, the lake he selected was not only integral to the daily life of the nearby village of Koshida, but also highly sacred and said to be home of a prehistoric creature named "Obaki." Not caring for native superstition, Bradley chose the lake anyway, and he and his friend Commander Kishi Masataki, a Japanese military man were forced to evacuate the locals to a different island as the experiment would contaminate their lake. The natives were not a fan of this idea, and one night he suffered a nightmare of them kidnapping him during a ritual. Not swayed by this notion, he called for troops and ships to intimidate the villagers out of their homes. The military sent tanks and far more munitions than Bradley thought was necessary, which earned him bad press on the mainland. Now reputed as a tyrant, journalists and dear friends of his wife Shidori and Paul Iso brought the news to her when they came to the island to report on the experiment. Swayed by his wife's emotional distress, Bradley and Masataki devised a plan to keep the villagers on the island during the experiment. He mandated that some of the soldiers should block off access to the lake while others would hunt small game to feed the villagers, while supplementing their diet with their own rations. Soon it was time for the experiment to begin. Soldiers shot charges into the lake, dispersing the antisaline in the blasts. The fish in the lake died almost instantly and within twenty-four hours he was ready to collect samples and check the results of the experiment. However, when he saw the results, all of his samples are full of nothing but sediment. While he was angered, gunshots in the distance drew his attention. He and Kishi then discovered a dead soldier with an empty gun showing no signs of trauma. Bradley guessed he may have died of fright. Soon, a massive footprint was discovered and a watch was put on the lake to see if Obaki was the culprit. Soon the monster rose from the depths and attacked the countryside. It destroyed a nearby village before trapping the Bradleys and Masataki in a canyon. They ran for shelter in a nearby cave, and the beast began pawing after them. Luckily, the military was able to distract it with flares, and it escaped into the ocean. It soon resurfaced less than 20 miles from the harbor of Oneda, Kunoshirashima's only modern city. Bradley formulated a plan to use the stores of extra antisaline to vanquish the monster. However, their car's radio was not working, and he and Kishi worked to repair it. Eventually they were able to get their message through, and Paul Iso was able to deliver the antisaline bomb to the monster, who was wounded in the explosion and began to retreat. Bradley got word of this on the radio and celebrated. He then promised Anna an extended vacation in southern California, leaving a destroyed Kunoshirashima and permanently destabilized ecosystem in his wake.



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