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V'drell in Kong of Skull Island
Species Human
Nationality Polynesian
Occupation Queen of the Taguatu
Related to V'drell (Father)
First appearance Kong of Skull Island #1
A fearful animal has no thought for respect. Fear reduces every creature to its base instinct. Atu teach and control what to fear.

— Usana to Ewata on their peoples' Kong training strategies. in Issue 1

Usana is the daughter of V'drell, Shaman of the Atu people, and she is a main antagonist in the 2016 comic series Kong of Skull Island.


Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #1

During a ceremonial Kong fight, Usana was tasked with collecting offerings from the Atu people in order to sacrifice them in the event of victory. She pressured a villager into sacrificing their necklace rather than some berries, by reminding them that the gods protected them through the Kong and through her father, the shaman V'drell. She was later sent to find the Tagu prince K'reti, as her father, his father, the Tagu advisors, and the Atu seers were gathered at the Great Mouth volcano, discussing its recent activity. When she and K'reti returned to the Great Mouth, they learned that V'drell and the Tagu king had been working for days to try to stop the impending eruption, but Atu had decided to use the Tagu ships to evacuate the island. The king was not in favor of this, and tensions rose as he, K'reti,and V'drell, exchanged biting remarks until Usana calmed them by reminding them that their tribes were of one blood. This calmed the leaders, but they understood that their peoples would likely be unwilling to cooperate. In order to show good faith between the Tagu and Atu and to inspire cooperation, the Tagu king decided to marry Usana and K'reti. The people then prepared for evacuation and the wedding.

Kong of Skull Island #2

As Usana was being fitted for her wedding outfit, her father approached to congratulate her. Usana however, felt like their efforts might be better placed if used to help the people in the evacuation. V'drell quickly dismissed this notion by claiming that her wedding was a tribute to the gods to ensure their protection of their people during the evacuation. Evidently, K'reti had similar thoughts to Usana about the wedding, and met her in the temple of the Atu gods to speak on the subject. Usana revealed to K'reti that V'drell believed that their marriage was the will of the gods, and that he would not be swayed to cancel it, while she herself believed that the underlying force behind the Atu faith and the Tagu teachings was an underlying fear of chaos. She supported this by saying that every man-made practice existed to try to halt the chaos, even though the systems are fallible and flawed. All the same they present a lie to keep the people feeling safe. She then revealed that she did not believe the marriage would really help the people, but rather prevent the people's fear from turning into chaos. Later, during Usana's wedding celebration, the Great Mouth erupted.

Kong of Skull Island #3

In the ensuing chaos, Usana noticed that the people were running inland rather than to the ships. K'reti claimed this was because his father kept the evacuation plan secret to prevent panic. Usana then prepared to go to to turn them around, but K'reti stopped her, telling her that she could not do it by herself. At this time Usana saw Ewata and her Kong Valla fighting to get one of the escaped Atu Kong under control, and called for the assistance of her and her Kong to help in the evacuation. Ewata was quite bitter, but did give her aid. With Ewata minimizing the Kong threat, Usana spoke to the crowds and told them to head for the Bay of Great Ships, and bade them not to worry about how ships were assigned, as they would all evacuate together as one people while encouraging them to have faith in the gods. Unfortunately, one of the ships had gone missing, and the wounded were forced to stay behind with the Tagu king, who claimed that the wounded would need the medicines that the Shaman provided, and that he should stay behind as well. Ewata then revealed that the winds had not changed, and that the missing ship would be at Skull Island. Usana then suggested she and K'reti not to go Skull Island as part of the rescue, but rather to board another ship and wait out the winds in the bay. K'reti declined, and proclaimed their marriage a peace treaty, and that he would be following his true wife, Ewata, to build a strong connection between Atu and Tagu for the uncertain future. On the ship, and on her father's orders, Usana lured K'reti down into their chambers, where V'drell promptly killed him with a ceremonial glove, while Usana claimed that she alone would unite the Tagu and Atu.

Kong of Skull Island #4

Through a spyglass, Usana witnessed the other ships battling the monsters in a siege of the island, and ordered her captain to continue to circle the island until the coast was clear, as she did not want to risk any more of her people. When she finally did make landfall she announced to the gathered crowd, amidst a speech about the sure loss of the Tagu king and her father the Atu shaman during the eruption of the Great Mouth, that K'reti had been murdered by a Tagu radical, who felt he had betrayed their people by marrying an Atu woman. When the people called for justice, she revealed that the supposed perpetrator was already dead, and was hung from the mast. That evening, V'drell walked up from the ocean floor after jumping in secret from the boat: an apparent miracle. He proceeded to claim that the gods had saved him from the collapse of their home, and given him visions of the Taguatu prospering over the whole of Skull Island, rather than simply the coast.

Kong of Skull Island #5

After Ewata found a blood trail leading to the lair of the demons that had killed many Taguatu citizens, she invited Usana and V'drell to accompany her hunting party to ensure they were protected by the gods. In the jungle, they encountered an onslaught so voracious that the Kong could barely hold their own and all seemed dire until Ewata called for her Kong Valla to use a Triceratops' skull as a weapon. After this, V'drell discovered that the scents of the larger demons warded the smaller ones off, and so the whole party, save for Usana, went to work preparing a mixture to ward the monsters away. Feeling bad for how angry Ewata had been at K'reti before he died, Usana called Ewata away from the workers to tell her that K'reti had loved her unquestioningly to the very end. However, she did acknowledge that Ewata had every reason to hate her, but asked if she could still trust her and her Kong to serve the crown. Ewata then saved Usana's life by killing a spider, and remarked that she never served the crown, but would do whatever it took to help the Taguatu people. Taking this message of dissent to he father, Usana remarked that after creating chaos, they needed to restore order to gain the trust of the people, and become virtual gods. After Ewata threw up in the woods, Usana overheard one of her friends accusing her of being pregnant. On giving this information to her father, insisted that they needed to kill Ewata and the heir she carried so as to prevent the royal Tagu blood from overthrowing their claim to the throne. Usana refused to harm the child, but V'drell informed her that the demons would kill it for them as he created a new mixture to attract monsters. To settle his Usana's mind, he reminded her that the demons would not wait until the child was a leader, and that they could not afford to either. V'drell then created a sabotaged mixture of warding scents for Ewata, before she was ordered not to lead the party into a cavern filled with the decomposing carcasses of the big demons. Ewata, two of her followers, and three Kong climbed the rock face into the great cavern, as down below Usana and the remaining party members were surrounded and a Giant two-headed Deathrunner emerged from the cavern.

Kong of Skull Island #6

In light of this, Usana's guards urged for the party to retreat, but Usana reminded them of her father's vision of conquest, and threw pheromones at the approaching horde. Unfortunately, they were not fooled and used he resulting cloud of powder to launch their attack. However, before they caused any harm, they all ran away at the call of their master. A Kong Trainer named Gret realized they were headed for Ewata, and despite orders from V'drell to remain with Usana, he went to help Ewata, who had helped to save so many lives, joking that V'drell had long instilled a disregard for royalty into the Atu people. This insubordination outraged Usana and V'drell, who decreed that Ewata was a traitor and demanded that she not survive the battle. The warriors, however, were busy with the demons. V'drell then went to kill Ewata himself, while Usana, on realizing that there were too many demons to hold off for much longer, took the last of the warding scents and bade her guard K'tawn to kill as many as he could, and assured him that she would honor their sacrifice before she headed into the jungle alone. Eventually, just as she made it to a place that she recognized, it began to rain, washing the warding scents off of her body. She tried to call for K'tawn to make more, but to no avail. She was immediately eaten by a demon.


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