One-armed Kong

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Unnamed one-armed Kong
The one-armed Kong in Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Species Giant ape
Allies Gudrun
Enemies Dagr
First appearance Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special
Viking: “Dagr! This thing is still breathing!
Dagr: “That's fine. We don't need all of it.
― Dagr, before cutting off the Kong's arm (Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special)

An unnamed one-armed member of Kong's species, who lived on Skull Island long before the 20th century, appears in the 2018 BOOM! Studios graphic novel, Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special. He befriended the Icelandic Viking warrior Gudrun and aided her in her attempts to conquer the island, and when her legions abandoned her, he stayed with her until her death.


While he is the only Kong shown in the comic, it is unknown if he is the only member of his species. Dagr refers to him in his letter as "a Kong" and "your Kong," as opposed to "the Kong," which could be seen as an implication of others being present on the island.


Kong of Skull Island 2018 Special

Upon hearing Gudrun scream at the loss of her husband, Kong arrived on the beach to find her and her crew being attacked by giant quadruped reptiles. Kong picked her up and the scaly menaces began to disperse. Gudrun however, stabbed Kong's thumb, causing him to scream and drop her before watching as she and the other vikings fled.

Three years later, the vikings returned and when Kong heard them, he rushed to the beach only to find the fight over with. There he once again met Gudrun, who told him they didn't need his help, but over time she began to allow him to help out in defending them from the island's other more monstrous inhabitants. Years into his companionship with Gudrun, Kong accompanied her and her crew into the heart of the island where they were swarmed by reptiles. He fought well but was attacked from behind and was nearly overwhelmed. Luckily Gudrun was able to kill his assailant with her axe, and Kong was able to battle the rest of the giant lizards while the remaining humans escaped. The next day, Kong went to the beach to defend Gudrun from a mutiny, but walked into an ambush intent on taking him back to Iceland to use his pelt as clothing. A barrage of arrows came upon him and took out his right eye, and men threw grappling hooks that dug into his chest. Kong however, fought them off until Dagr attacked and was able to incapacitate Kong with his voracious axe strokes. Beaten but still breathing, Kong had his arm amputated just above the elbow, and the pelt was loaded into a horse cart dragging his bones behind it, ready to cross the sea. However, his severed arm would not leave the island, as Gudrun set a trap for the mutineers, and burned their ships. She then returned to the wounded Kong, and was able to nurse him back to health, and in time he was back to his old ways, and was even able to fight off a Meat-Eater single handed. However as time passed, Gudrun began to grow old, and one day she died in the tearful Kong's hand.



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