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Croc Monster
The Croc Monster's model from Skull Island
Alternate names Croc,[1] Crocodile Monster[2]
Species Giant crocodile
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Enemies Charlie, Mike, King Kong
Written by Brian Duffield
Designed by Jung-Ha Kim[2]
First appearance Skull Island episode 3,
"What's Up, Croc?"
More roars
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The Croc Monster is a monster who appears in episode 3 of the 2023 Netflix Original animated Monsterverse series Skull Island, entitled "What's Up, Croc?" The Croc Monster chased Charlie and Mike through the rivers of Skull Island, but was later caught and eaten by Kong.


Though a canonical name has not yet been revealed for the creature, Skull Island creator Brian Duffield named it Croc,[1] while Powerhouse Animation's model sheet fully labels it Croc Monster.[2] Powerhouse's tweet revealing the latter also provided the alternate name of Crocodile Monster.[2]


The Croc Monster is a crocodilian reptile with blue-grey skin and a grey underbelly, yellow eyes, multiple white sharp teeth, four claws on each of its legs, and a set of large, black scutes extending from its back to its tail. Its legs resemble those of big cats such as lions or tigers, which allow it to assume a bipedal stance.


The Croc Monster is an aggressive animal who seems to be hell-bent on catching its prey, as evidenced when it relentlessly pursued Charlie and Mike in a river, even going as far as to jump off a waterfall in order to kill them.



Skull Island

"What's Up, Croc?"

Charlie, Mike, and one of Irene's mercenaries ran afoul of the Croc Monster while running from Dog. It took the mercenary, who was standing in a river, by surprise, devouring him before he could fire a shot. Mike and Charlie froze in place as it approached the shore, then broke for the river. It gave chase, but remained on land, swiping at them repeatedly as the strong current carried them along. Charlie realized its tactics were the result of an approaching waterfall, but the duo was unable to swim to shore before they plummeted off it. As the crocodile watched them from a rock atop the waterfall and disappeared from sight, they cheered, believing it had given up, only for it to gracefully dive down and resume its pursuit. Just before it could reach them, however, Kong snatched it out of the water and ate it in a single bite.


Physical capabilities

The Croc Monster has a very powerful bite force, able to devour a man in a single bite. It is also an adept swimmer and uses its claws to slash at foes.


The Croc Monster is very agile, being able to quickly catch up to Mike and Charlie as they were carried off by a rapidly flowing river.


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Croc Monster roars


  • One of the art pieces that Annie carves on the hull of the beached ship that stranded her on Annie's Island, seen in "Terms of Endearment", shows her and Dog battling a crocodile-like monster. However, it is unknown whether it is the same species as the Croc Monster.
  • The Croc Monster's fate may be a reference to King Kong Lives (1986), in which King Kong eats numerous alligators.


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