"Terms of Endearment"

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Skull Island episodes
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"Terms of Endearment"
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"Terms of Endearment"
"Terms of Endearment" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 6
Directed by Amanda Sitareh B.
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"Terms of Endearment" is the sixth episode of Skull Island. Directed by Amanda Sitareh B., it premiered on Netflix alongside the rest of the series on June 22, 2023.


In a flashback, Annie's father tells her to stay hidden until he comes back for her. Dog's father punches a hole in the beached ship they are sheltering in, and Annie's father prepares to confront him with a rifle. Before he leaves, he tells Annie he loves her.

In the present, Annie finally wakes up, handcuffed to the ground and incensed over Irene tranquilizing her. Sam notices and tells her that Irene is on her way to talk. Hearing Dog's distant cry, she softly howls back. Irene explains that the only reason she keeps handcuffing Annie is because she keeps trying to kill her. Annie admits she has a point. They discuss Mike's illness, with Annie relating how he was electrocuted by the sea monster. When she visits Mike and he explains that he left Charlie behind so he could rescue them, she immediately concludes that he's dead.

Charlie, alive but exhausted, complains that Dog won't let him ride on his back as they close in on the camp. Dog responds by dashing away, to Charlie's frustration. Annie and Irene argue about the latter's plan to have the Hawk Monster capture Dog, with Annie exclaiming that her pet is the only being who's ever protected her. Irene is taken aback at this, then asks what happened to her father. In another flashback, Annie tearfully buries her father. She hears an animal crying and investigates, finding Dog also mourning his father. Frightened by him, she races back to the ship. That night, Dog visits her as she is cutting open a package of hot dogs. He runs off with the food at first as she wards him off with the knife, but she convinces him to come back, and they share a meal. Afterwards, they howl at the moon together.

In the present, Charlie catches up to Dog as he howls at the moon. Charlie berates him for drawing attention to them and not listening to him. Irene uses a fallen leaf from an aloe turtle to tend to Mike's injury. As Annie argues with her over killing the turtle and whether the aloe will help, Cap encourages them, saying he avoided conflict with his own child. Annie and Irene leave the tent, and Sam privately offers Irene his support, while reminding her that they no longer have any first aid kits. Annie, believing Cap meant a physical fight, boasts that she can beat Irene with her handcuffs on. Irene exclaims that she buried Annie - her daughter, who she believed dead until a fishing vessel reported her beached ship moments before vanishing. Annie admits she can't remember her face and only has faint memories of her. Irene apologizes for their confrontation on the beach.

In another flashback, Irene and her mercenaries arrive on Annie's Island, where they see the drawings she has carved into the hull of the ship of her and Dog fighting monsters. Irene is ecstatic to see proof her daughter is alive, but Dog appears in the flesh moments later, viciously attacking her mercenaries. Annie herself enters the fight by throwing a spear at Irene, which Sam barely pushes her out of the way of. The battle recounted, Irene admits to Annie her conflicted feelings - she's awed by seeing her daughter grown up, but Annie is also a cave girl, metaphorically speaking, used to killing to survive with little knowledge of the outside world. As Annie warns Irene not to hurt Dog again, she realizes the monster must be close by.

Charlie, having lit a torch, prepares to set a nearby tree on fire, planning to rescue Cap and his friends while the mercenaries extinguish it, then somehow steal a helicopter to escape the island. As he tries to ignite it, however, he realizes the tree is covered in grey humanoid monsters called Nightboys. They begin to peel off the tree, with one tackling Charlie to the ground, then targeting Dog along with several of its companions. Dog deflects the first three, but two cling to his back. When a third one pounces, Charlie clubs it with the torch. Dog shrugs off the Nightboys attached to him, thrashing one around in his jaws and throwing it, while Charlie bats another away. The sounds of their fight and the light of the torch alerts the camp below, and despite still being handcuffed, Annie charges towards them, calling to Dog, who returns her cry. She leaps over and kicks the first two Nightboys to attack her, but a third pins her to the ground, its jaws only held back by her cuffs. Dog intervenes, grabbing the monster in his jaws and slamming it repeatedly into the ground. They celebrate their reunion as the mercenaries join the fight. Annie recalls embracing Dog during a storm, promising to keep him safe.

Irene and Charlie finally meet face-to-face, and are joined by Cap, who embraces his son. Dog suddenly tackles Irene to the ground and looms over her, but she orders her mercenaries to hold their fire. At Annie's insistence, Irene apologizes for shooting them, unleashing the Hawk Monster on Dog, and taking ten years to find Annie. With that, Dog spares her.

Charlie visits Mike, who is still weak but recovering somewhat. Before he can discuss his adventures with Cap, they are drawn out of the tent by the sea monster grabbing a mercenary and dragging him into the sea. Two mercenaries fire on the tentacle, but Sam orders them to cease fire to conserve their limited ammunition. Escape from the island seems impossible without killing the beast, and Charlie suggests Kong could do it.


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Weapons, vehicles and races

  • Irene's group



  • Annie's drawings on the ship include depictions of a giant crocodile and giant crab. It is unclear if these are the same species as Skull Island's Croc Monster and Trapdoor Crab. Several other indistinct creatures also appear in the drawings.


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