"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"

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Skull Island episodes
"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"
"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"
"You'll Never Catch a
Monkey That Way"
"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal" title card
Series Skull Island
Episode # 8
Directed by Amanda Sitareh B.
Written by Brian Duffield
Air date June 22, 2023
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"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way" is the eighth and final episode of Skull Island. Directed by Amanda Sitareh B., it premiered on Netflix alongside the rest of the series on June 22, 2023.


Charlie defends his plan to force a fight between Kong and the Kraken: the artwork in Kong’s temple shows him to be a monster-fighter, and the two Titans are currently at a stalemate. The Kraken, much as it would like to overthrow Kong, knows he has the advantage on land, and Kong is equally aware that the Kraken has the edge in the water. While he agrees with the others that his plan is terrible, he points out that Mike will soon die without proper medical attention—and is prepared to execute it on his own if he has to for the sake of his best friend. Annie agrees to help him, and thinks that Dog will be an asset since he managed to reach Skull Island without the Kraken catching him.

Irene’s mercenaries make preparations. Charlie deflects Cap’s concerns by saying that Mike would do the same for him; Mike jokes that he certainly would not. Annie learns from Irene that she’s 16, almost 17. As reassurance, she tells her mother that dealing with monsters is what she’s best at, as she views herself as a giant monster. As Charlie prepares to leave, Cap finally agrees to let him go to college when they get off the island. Annie asks Charlie to hang onto her while they ride Dog, which he does after much stammering. Irene orders another helicopter sent to the island, with orders to hang back until they sight the Kraken. Away from the group, she lets herself cry over her worry for Annie, and Sam comforts her.

Annie, Charlie, and Dog reach Kong’s temple. As they cross the bridge, Charlie asks Annie what she thinks about the massive pit beneath them; she cryptically tells him he’ll get sick if he goes down there. Kong appears behind them as they enter the temple, watching them. They sidle over to the necklace and Annie grabs it; as planned, an enraged Kong charges after them. Dog evades several swings from the Titan, but is left clinging to a cliff face after Kong shakes the bridge as he crosses it. He climbs out and keeps going, barely avoiding Kong as he leaps across the gap. Charlie notices that Dog is injured, and only used to riding with Annie; after telling her that she’s the coolest girl he’s ever met, he throws himself off. Kong passes over him, leaving him alone is a forest.

Irene watches Annie and Dog draw Kong to the beach, evading Trapdoor Crabs along the way. Cap notices Charlie’s absence with alarm and rushes off. Kong cuts off Annie and Dog at the shoreline and prepares to smash them into the sand, but Annie holds up the necklace and he stands down. She throws it to the ground; just before Kong can pick it up, the Kraken strikes, restraining and electrocuting him with its tentacles. It finally surfaces, revealing itself to be much taller than him. Kong rips off the tentacles, but it catches him in one of its claws and lifts him into the air, then throws him.

Annie and Dog find themselves pulled out to sea amidst the battle. Sam stops Irene from running to help them. When he accuses him of not knowing what seeing one’s child in danger is like, he reminds her that he does. In the forest, a giant centipede ambushes Cap. He draws a knife and prepares for a fight he can’t hope to win, but Mike fires a flare into its neck, causing it to scurry away. He blows smoke from the barrel of the flare gun before collapsing.

Kong reaches underwater and throws a Rock Bug at the Kraken, who intercepts it with a tentacle. He tries to tear off a chunk of rock from a nearby mountain, but the Kraken reaches him first, dragging him underwater. Annie and Dog struggle to stay afloat.

Charlie runs into a snare trap and is quickly surrounded by more masked figures, one of whom declares that he will be punished for stealing from Kong.

Pinned to the ocean floor by the Kraken as it sinks its beak into his neck, Kong appears doomed – until he spots the wreck of the Once Upon a Martime resting nearby. He smashes the Kraken twice in the head with the improvised weapon, taking out two of its four eyes, then swims to the surface. Annie has made it to shore, but Dog is still floundering. She reaches out to her pet, reminding Kong of when the dying Skull Islander girl reached out to him. A wave pulls Dog under... but Kong scoops him up and deposits him on the shore. After embracing Dog, Annie prepares to apologize to Kong, but is cut off by the Kraken’s return. It again tosses him into deeper water, but he catches one of its tentacles and throws it onto a small island. Kong unleashes a barrage of punches which leaves the water stained with the Kraken’s blood. Annie watches in awe as he pounds his chest in victory. The necklace washes ashore near her, and she holds it out to Kong. Just then the Kraken lashes him with a tentacle, still alive—so he makes sure it’s dead by picking it up and ripping it in half. He carelessly throws it at the shore, causing a tidal wave that threatens to drown Dog and Annie. Separated from Dog, she hits her head on a rock and falls unconscious.

Annie wakes up in a hospital. Disoriented by being indoors, she can only conceive of the hospital as a huge boat. Irene informs her that she broke her leg and has been asleep for two weeks. She limps to a window and opens the blinds to behold an overwhelming city skyline.


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