Charlie (Skull Island)

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Charlie in Skull Island
Species Human
Age 17
Occupation Cryptid hunter (formerly)
Related to Cap (father)
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island episode 1,
"Maritime Pilot"
Skull Island episode 8,
"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"
Played by Nicolas Cantu

Charlie is the main character of the 2023 Netflix Original animated series Skull Island, set within Legendary Pictures' Monsterverse. After a life of seafaring in search of aquatic cryptids with his father, the captain of the Once Upon a Maritime, Charlie was ready for a change, and had long been trying to convince his father to let him go to college. After the ship was attacked by the Titan known as Kraken, he ended up marooned on Skull Island.


Initially, Charlie is portrayed as a typical, if not rather fearful, young man who would rather live a normal life rather than pursuing cryptids alongside his father. However, he is shown to be brave when the situation demands it, such as when he rescues Annie from drowning. After being marooned on Skull Island and being forced to survive numerous near-fatal encounters, Charlie eventually develops into a more independent and brave young man, working together with Dog to escape the ancient temple that acts as Kong's lair and proposing the idea to lure Kong to a fight with the Kraken.



Skull Island

"Maritime Pilot"

While sailing the south Pacific Ocean, Charlie once again asked his father to leave the Once Upon a Maritime for college. Cap, as usual, completely disregarded his son's desires and insisted that he remain aboard and "think about it." He spoke to his friend Mike about the situation, and expressed interest in meeting new people, namely girls, while Cap and Mike's father Hiro detonated a depth charge. While walking around the ship, Charlie noticed a girl overboard, and called for help. Seeing her go under before anyone arrived, Charlie tied a rope from the rigging around his waist and dove in to save her. Luckily, the girl was alive, and mumbled about her dog before passing out again. Mike discovered them, and got their fathers, who took the girl to the wheelhouse. When she awoke, she was violent and paranoid, and insisted that they not use the radio. Charlie was chosen to stay with her when the rest went to examine a flare that had been shot up by another ship. They spoke together for awhile, discussing their ship's mission to discover cryptids, and she revealed her name to be Annie. When Charlie explained their use of depth charges, she revealed that her boat had been destroyed by a monster, and that such explosions would surely bring it back. Charlie went to tell his father. When they returned to the bridge, they found that Annie had taken out an intruder and accidentally smashed their radio in doing so. Cap expressed his desire to protect her, but her assailant woke up and threatened them all with a knife, and offered to get them all off of the ship before being dragged away by some giant tentacles. The others ran to the deck to help other sailors being attacked, and Annie implored Charlie that they escape to her island. Charlie ran to the deck, where he watched Hiro be crushed to death by a giant cephalopod arm. With the vessel now under attack, Annie dove off the side and told them once again to get to her island just before Mike slid off the deck when the sea beast rocked the boat. Charlie ran after him, and soon found himself on the shores of an island. There he met the tearful Mike, still mourning the loss of his father, and Charlie comforted him as they sat in a gargantuan footprint.



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