Mark Jackson

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Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson in Dogora
Species Human
Nationality American
Affiliation International Diamond Insurance Agency
Occupation Insurance investigator
First appearance Dogora
Played by Robert Dunham

Mark Jackson is a diamond G-Man who works for the International Diamond Insurance Agency, and a supporting character in the 1964 Toho film, Dogora.


Showa era


Mark Jackson, an investigator for the International Diamond Insurance Agency, traveled to Japan to investigate a ring of professional diamond thieves. Jackson posed as a fellow diamond thief claiming to be a "diamond broker," in order to get close to his targets. In the process, he had attracted the attention of Japanese law enforcement, particularly a detective named Komai. Komai trailed Jackson to the home of Dr. Munakata, a crystallographer. Jackson emerged from hiding and knocked Komai unconscious, then escaped through a window. As Jackson walked down the street, he was approached by a vehicle driven by Hamako, one of the diamond thieves he was investigating. Jackson entered the vehicle, and was held at gunpoint by some of the other thieves. Jackson was brought to the criminals' hideout, who demanded him to hand over several diamonds he had taken from Dr. Munakata's house. Upon realizing the diamonds were fake, the head diamond thief had Jackson knocked out and carried away by his henchmen. After he was brought out of the room, Jackson overwhelmed the henchmen and knocked them unconscious before escaping. Komai tracked Jackson to a hotel room, where he tried to apprehend him and bring him back to the police station. Komai confiscated a handgun from Jackson, and threatened him with it when Jackson tried to leave, only to realize the gun was a fake.

Jackson resurfaced when the diamond thieves attempted to rob an armored van carrying a case of diamonds. When the thieves began trying to break into the vehicle, Jackson pulled up in his car and opened fire on them. The thieves stole an oncoming coal truck and tried to ram Jackson with it, only for the truck to mysteriously levitate into the air and smash the armored van. The thieves ran off with the case, while Jackson stood dumbfounded at what he just witnessed. Jackson returned to the home of Dr. Munakata, believing that he could have potentially created the technology to levitate the truck. When Munakata's assistant saw Jackson, she called Komai, who arrived with a group of policemen. Cornered, Jackson finally revealed that he was an undercover diamond G-Man trying to hunt down the diamond thieves. He offered to work alongside Komai and the police, and they accepted. When the diamond thieves learned that the case they stole contained sugar crystals instead of raw diamonds, they assumed Jackson had the real diamonds. Hamako tracked Jackson down to a train headed for Kyushu. She offered to go into business with him so they could keep the diamonds for themselves. Jackson laughed and assured Hamako that he did not have the real diamonds, then left.

Once in Kyushu, Jackson reserved a hotel room, and was under close observation from the diamond thieves. The thieves eventually stormed the room and restrained Jackson and Komai while Hamako and another thief left to retrieve the diamonds that Jackson had stored in a bank. When the thieves learned that Hamako had double-crossed them and taken the diamonds for herself, they left to pursue her, leaving several sticks of lit dynamite in the room with Jackson and Komai. Komai was able to get Jackson's gun and shoot off Jackson's bindings, then the two of them threw the dynamite onto a balcony before it exploded. They then pursued the thieves to a beach along with several other officers, and attempted to arrest them. The thieves resisted and engaged in a prolonged gunfight with Jackson and the officers. The gunfight was finally ended when the thieves were crushed by a falling Dogora cell, which had been crystallized by weaponized wasp venom used by the JSDF Komai asked if the diamonds the thieves risked their lives over were fake, and Jackson replied that was his plan all along.

Jackson later boarded a flight to New York, where he would file his formal report to the International Diamond Insurance Agency. Before he boarded, Jackson was approached by Komai, who thanked him for his help and wished him luck. Jackson assured Komai that he would include his name in his report, then boarded the flight.


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