Emmy Kano

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Emmy Kano
Emmy Kano in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Species Human (Futurian)
Nationality Japanese
Age 25
Affiliation Equal Environment Earth Union
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First appearance Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Played by Anna Nakagawa
We came here to warn these people. We came back here to tell them their country was in danger. Now you've double-crossed them with what you're doing. You've gone too far.

— Emmy Kano (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, English dub)

Emmy Kano (エミー・カノー,   Emī Kanō) is the main character in the 1991 Godzilla film Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. She is a moderate member of the Equal Environment Earth Union in the year 2204, and accompanied her colleagues Wilson and Glenchico on a time-traveling mission to 1992.


Heisei era

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Emmy first revealed herself to the people of the present day along with her comrades Wilson and Glenchico through a hologram projected from their time machine, MOTHER. The three of them conversed with Cabinet Security Director Ryuzo Dobashi and Professor Takehito Fujio, explaining that they had traveled back in time to warn the people of Japan that their nation was in terrible danger. They asked Dobashi and Fujio to arrange a Cabinet meeting to discuss the issue, and said that they would be there. When the meeting was convened, the Futurians used the ship KIDS to teleport themselves to the meeting inside the National Diet Building. There, they explained that Godzilla would soon return to Japan and destroy the country, with the nuclear pollution left in his wake rendering it uninhabitable by the 23rd century. They claimed there was a way to prevent this catastrophe, by erasing Godzilla from history itself. Emmy revealed a book titled The Birth of Godzilla, which offered a hypothesis regarding Godzilla's origins that would allow them to erase him from history. Emmy and the Futurians' advanced android M11 accompanied a team of selected present-day individuals, which included The Birth of Godzilla author Kenichiro Terasawa, Professor Hironori Mazaki, and Godzilla expert and psychic Miki Saegusa, on the mission to erase Godzilla from history. Emmy brought along three creatures called Dorats, which she explained were genetically engineered pets from the 23rd century. They boarded KIDS and time-warped back to 1944 Lagos Island, where the dinosaur Terasawa proposed would one day becme Godzilla was reportedly seen by a Japanese army garrison. Emmy and the others observed a battle between Japanese and American forces on the island before the dinosaur appeared from the jungle and attacked the American troops. Emmy and the others exited the ship to get a closer look, with Miki confirming that the dinosaur was indeed the Godzilla she knew. With this information, Emmy and the group returned to KIDS, then warped ahead to the day the Japanese garrison departed the island. They watched as the garrison, led by Major Yasuaki Shindo, thanked the wounded dinosaur for saving them, and expressed regret that they could not bring it with them. Once the soldiers saluted the fallen dinosaur and marched away, M11 used KIDS to teleport the dinosaur to the bottom of the Bering Sea, where it would presumably die far away from the nuclear testing which would transform it into Godzilla. Before KIDS departed for 1992 again, Emmy secretly released the three Dorats onto the island. When the ship finally returned to 1992, Emmy and the others met with Wilson and Glenchico to discuss the mission. Wilson reported that they had been successful; Godzilla had suddenly disappeared from the Sea of Japan, where he had been sleeping for the past two years. But while Godzilla had disappeared, Wilson continued, King Ghidorah had taken his place.

The people of Japan soon learned that the Futurians had double-crossed them, with the three Dorats Emmy had left behind on Lagos Island having been exposed to the 1954 Castle Bravo H-bomb test and transformed into King Ghidorah. As King Ghidorah raided Fukuoka under the Futurians' command, Emmy suddenly grasped the horrific plans her colleagues had for Japan. She begged Wilson and Glenchico to stop, but Glenchico suggested that Emmy had seemingly forgotten their mission. Emmy replied that she had come back to warn Japan about its future, while Wilson and Glenchico had resorted to terrorism to achieve their goals. Emmy stormed off and stole a BABY jetpack to find Terasawa and explain what was going on. Having seen Emmy leave, Wilson ordered M11 to follow her. Emmy flew BABY to Terasawa's house, where she came clean about who she was and why she had traveled back to 1992. The scenario the Futurians had laid out to the Japanese government was a fabrication. In reality, Godzilla never returned to menace Japan, allowing the nation to prosper. In the 23rd century, Emmy explained, Japan had become the world's leading economic superpower, which allowed it to purchase entire nations in Africa and South America. It was so powerful at this point that the Earth Union, the successor to the United Nations, was unable to control it or curtail its corrupt practices. Emmy belonged to a political organization known as the Equal Environment Earth Union, which sought to equalize the power of all nations on Earth. Wilson, a more radical member of the organization, decided to take matters into his own hands and steal a time machine from the Earth Union and travel back to the past to prevent Japan from becoming a corrupt superpower in the first place. Emmy had accompanied him on the mission, but reneged once she learned what his methods were. While Emmy explained all of this to Terasawa, M11 spied on them from a distance. Emmy and Terasawa then met with Miki Saegusa, who remarked that she could clearly sense Godzilla moving through the ocean, as if he had never been erased from history at all. Emmy said it was possible that the dinosaur could have still become Godzilla through means other than nuclear testing, like if for example there had been nuclear waste where they had placed the dinosaur. Terasawa investigated news archives and learned that a Soviet nuclear submarine had sunk in the exact location where the dinosaur had been placed in the Bering Sea. He reported his findings to Emmy and Fujio, saying that Godzilla had not been erased from history at all and was instead created by this nuclear submarine crash. He expressed his intent to speak with the Japanese government before they tried to recreate Godzilla by irradiating the dinosaur they believed was still underwater using the Teiyo Group's nuclear submarine. Emmy insisted on accompanying him, but while they were driving they found themselves pursued by M11. Terasawa was able to evade M11's car, which crashed and exploded. However, M11 emerged from the burning wreckage and chased Terasawa and Emmy down on foot. He ran in front of Terasawa's car and stopped it with his bare hands. Terasawa prepared to get out of the car, but Emmy warned him that M11 would kill him. She said that M11 was here to take her back to the ship, and would leave Terasawa alone if she accompanied him. M11 brought Emmy back to Wilson and Glenchico, who revealed that they knew about the government's plan to recreate Godzilla. While aboard MOTHER, Emmy reprogrammed M11 to be loyal to only her, and had him bring Terasawa aboard. There, they planned to sabotage Wilson and Glenchico's plan by destroying the supercomputer they wanted to use to rebuild Japan to their liking.

Meanwhile, Godzilla had intercepted the Teiyo Group's submarine and absorbed its energy, curing his Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria infection and causing him to grow to 100 meters in height. The powered-up Godzilla came ashore in Hokkaido, with Wilson ordering King Ghidorah to intercept and kill Godzilla. While the monsters battled, Emmy, Terasawa, and M11 planted explosives on the Futurians' computer. Once they detonated them, MOTHER was severely damaged and the Futurians' control over King Ghidorah was severed. Godzilla began to take the upper hand against King Ghidorah, while Emmy and Terasawa confronted Wilson and Glenchico in MOTHER's control room and M11 battled the Futurians' army of M10 androids. They revealed that they had destroyed the computer the Futurians were going to force upon Japan, but Wilson simply laughed. He explained that they no longer required a computer or King Ghidorah to complete their mission. The revitalized Godzilla would simply destroy Japan for them, while MOTHER would automatically warp them back to 2204 in 20 minutes. Emmy angrily attacked Wilson and Glenchico, with Terasawa helping her. Terasawa was overpowered by two M10s and held at gunpoint by Glenchico, but M11 arrived and saved him. M11 destroyed the M10s, while Emmy and Terasawa beat Wilson and Glenchico unconscious. The three escaped the damaged MOTHER aboard KIDS, but Emmy remarked that they couldn't let Wilson and Glenchico return to 2204 and get away with this. M11 used KIDS to teleport MOTHER to Hokkaido, where Godzilla had just defeated King Ghidorah. When MOTHER materialized in front of him, Godzilla fired his atomic breath and annihilated it, killing Wilson and Glenchico. But while the Futurians were defeated, Wilson's prediction still threatened to come true. Godzilla, more powerful than ever before, was continuing to rampage through Japan, and according to M11 had a 91% chance of raiding Tokyo. However, Emmy and her allies came up with a plan. They could salvage King Ghidorah's preserved remains in the future and revive him using future technology, then return him to the present to fight Godzilla. M11 said that he was certain he could save King Ghidorah, so he and Emmy returned to 2204 in KIDS. Before leaving, Emmy told Terasawa that she didn't think this time seemed primitive, and that she liked it because he was there. In 2204, Emmy, M11, and Morrys located King Ghidorah's preserved remains from an Earth Union deep-sea survey boat. Morrys said he doubted King Ghidorah could have survived for 200 years, but M11 reported that he could detect a faint heartbeat. Emmy asked Morrys to salvage King Ghidorah's body, but he asked what she wanted to do with it. She said she wanted to revive him as a cyborg and use him to defeat Godzilla. Morrys asked why Emmy would want to save Japan, a nation that was destroyed by a monster due to its own decadence and reckless use of nuclear energy. Emmy begged Morrys to give her ancestors one more chance, and he finally agreed.

As Godzilla rampaged through Shinjuku, Mecha-King Ghidorah appeared in the sky above. Piloted by Emmy and controlled by M11's computer, the cyborg touched down and began battling Godzilla. While at first Mecha-King Ghidorah was able to overpower Godzilla and bury him in rubble, Godzilla began blasting his foe with his atomic breath, damaging it. M11 told Emmy to make the cyborg fly, but as Mecha-King Ghidorah tried to fly away, Godzilla grabbed it by the legs. He fired his atomic breath at Mecha-King Ghidorah's wings, knocking it out of the sky and sending it crashing to the ground. As Emmy lay unconscious in the machine's cockpit, M11 yelled at her to get up and use the capture cables immediately. Emmy was able to regain consciousness and quickly pulled a lever that allowed Mecha-king Ghidorah to stand up and launch its electrified capture cables at Godzilla. M11 told Emmy to use the machine hand next, and she obliged, pressing a button that caused Mecha-King Ghidorah to launch a powerful metal claw that restrained Godzilla. As the cables and machine hand shocked Godzilla, Mecha-King Ghidorah took flight and began carrying Godzilla out over the ocean. M11 warned that Mecha-King Ghidorah couldn't take much more, only for Godzilla to fire a blast of atomic breath that caused both monsters to plummet into the sea below. As Terasawa and the others watched in shock, they were relieved to see KIDS fly out of the ocean safely. Terasawa and Miki thanked Emmy for saving Japan, with Terasawa expressing regret that he would have to live 200 years just to see her again. Emmy explained to Terasawa over a communicator that he was actually a distant grandfather of hers. M11 told Emmy that they would soon warp back to 2204, and before departing she bid farewell to her homeland.


Novel: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

While it is never made clear in the film, the novelization of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah strongly implies that Chiaki Morimura, Kenichiro Terasawa's girlfriend and coworker at Mu magazine, is Emmy's distant grandmother. The novelization ends with Terasawa and Chiaki getting married, with Emmy secretly attending their wedding party. Emmy gives the receptionist a locket containing a photograph of herself and her mother, who is noted to look a lot like Chiaki, and asks the receptionist to give it to Chiaki.




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