Human No. 2

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Human No. 2
Human No. 2 in Assault! Human!!
Junjiro Iwaki in Assault! Human!!
Alternate names Hyuman No. 2, Human Number 2, Hyuman Number 2, Human #2,
Hyuman #2, Red Human, Red Hyuman
Species Human
Forms Junjiro Iwaki,
Human No. 2
Relations Junichiro Iwaki (Brother)
Allies Human No. 1,
Rumiko Hoshiyama,
Yasubee Hirai
Enemies All Assault! Human!! kaiju
Played by Akihiko Nishijima
First appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 9:
Last Moment of King Flasher
Latest appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 13:
Goodbye Human

Human No. 2 (ヒューマン2号,   Hyūman 2-gō), real name Junjiro Iwaki (淳二郎岩城,   Junjirō Iwaki) is a kaijin that first appeared in episode 9 of the 1972 Union Motion Picture tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!! titled Last Moment of King Flasher.


When in his Human No. 2 form, he has an Ultraman-like head which is covered by a large spiked helmet. Almost all of his body is red besides small blue and white stripes on his legs. Junjiro also wears silver gloves on both his hands, armor on his chest, a belt and silver anklets.


Assault! Human!!

After his brother Junichiro's theory of invaders attacking Earth was proven true, Junjiro and his friends Rumiko Hoshiyama and Yasubee Hirai assisted in fending off the invading "Flasher Corps". Eventually, Junichiro was able to destroy the Flasher leader King Flasher, but a new leader was appointed named Grand Flasher. Foolishly dueling the new Flasher overlord, Junichiro was swiftly killed, leaving Junjiro with no option but to step forth as the new hero. Onlooking children transformed Junjiro into the superhero Human No. 2 using devices known as Human-Signs, and he battled Grand Flasher in Junichiro's place. Meanwhile, Junichiro was miraculously transported to the Miracle Zone dimension, which revived and fully healed him, allowing him to return to the front lines. Together, the brothers were able to cause Grand Flasher to retreat and from that point forward did battle with any rampant kaiju deployed by the Flashers. Soon enough, Junichiro and Junjiro were able to confront Grand Flasher once more, this time successfully defeating him and thwarting the Flasher Corps once and for all.


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  • Due to Toru Narita designing the Humans and Ultraman, the two bear slight resemblances to each other.


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