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S-Class Rawa.png
Alternate names The Extinction Dragon, The Dragon King
Subtitle(s) Dragon King
Species Bipedal dragon Titan
Height 42.7 meters[1]
Weight 380 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Place(s) of emergence Tarabak
Enemies Story Mode: Gorogong, Skorak, Rohanna, Gigaman
First appearance GigaBash
You are not prepared, PEASANTS! Long live RAWA THE DRAGON KING!

— Rawa cultist (GigaBash)

Rawa (ラワ,   Rawa) is a bipedal dragon Titan who inhabits Tarabak Island in the 2022 video game GigaBash. First seen in 2009, Rawa overpowered all other opponents on the Island of Tarabak, becoming the dominant Titan in the area and gaining a cult of followers who worshiped him. He continued his reign until he was ultimately bested by Gorogong.


Rawa's name comes from a combination of a play on words of Naga, the name for a legendary serpent in Malay, an Indonesian flower market called Rawa Belong, as well as an island named Rawa Island. Finally, the Titan's status is hinted at if the "w" in Rawa is flipped to make Rama, a title given to the kings in Thailand's Chakri dynasty.[2]


Rawa was first sighted in 2009, on Tarabak Island. He proceeded to topple and destroy Titans who had been battling there for centuries, with none of them able to stand up to the might of the Extinction Dragon. The local inhabitants, whom had been living in a constant state of terror, quickly saw Rawa as their god. Due to the newfound order, the humans were able to establish their civilization of Tarabak, though some followed other surviving Titans across the island.

In exchange for the Dragon King's protection, the inhabitants had to provide Rawa with Violet Elixir, forcing them to dig up its raw form, Giga Crystals. Rawa would burn the presenter of the elixir alive if it was made poorly and did not appease him. If he is satisfied, Rawa will allow the presenter to pick one of his previously-shed golden scales, which the tribespeople believed wearing to be a sort of symbol of loyalty to their king.


Rawa's development
Rawa's early concept

Rawa was birthed from the team's desire to put a Southeastern mythological spin on the bipedal-reptilian kaiju archetype. Early designs include a much more serpentine body structure, physical wings, the idea of floating, and more. The idea of the monster continually flying was explored a little bit, but it was quickly found that this did not work for a playable character, with problems such as length causing difficulty when an even more traditional Naga design was utilized.

When creating Rawa, several references, including a fire-breathing dragon, a nuclear blast, and Monsterverse Godzilla's nuclear pulse were all used in both the designing and programming process. During the digital creation, Rawa's Ethereal Flame caused some difficulty, with the right solution needing to be found so that the fire did not kill the game's performance, while still retaining what the developers described as a cool look[3]. References used for Rawa's armor include characters from the GARO franchise, while references used for his skin include a Godzilla human armor model created by fan BATZEMO and Arch Belial from Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial.


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Rawa's design is reminiscent of classic tokusatsu bipedal reptilian kaiju such as Godzilla. He also heavily mimics the appearance of Phaya Naga of Thai mythology, like the Naga. Rawa sports a large head with a large horn protruding from his snout, as well as golden incisors. He is covered in heavily armored scales and golden plating, which covers his claws, head, horn, back, and tail. He has big, glowing red eyes and a large maw, as well as a forked tail. Rawa's S-Class form wreathes him in flame and causes his horn, back spines, and tail to grow further and sharper and glow a greenish-blue. His ventilation-formed wings are also larger with the flames spreading farther and higher in different directions. This form also has Rawa's golden plating cover more of his body, as well as causing a greenish-blue light to shine through the large scales on his chest.


The Dragon King is fiercely aggressive, attacking anyone who comes close to his territory. Despite this, Rawa appears to not actively attack the Tarabak civilization. Rawa is described as hating dishonesty the most when he kills a man for stealing one of his golden scales. Similar to European dragons of myth, Rawa also seems to enjoy hoarding precious metals and materials, such as gold and a Giga Crystal.

Video games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
S-Class Rawa faces off against Gorogong

Legend of Luana Island

As a submarine transported a Giga Crystal dangerously close to Tarabak Island, a large object was spotted on the sonar, heading straight toward the sub. Above the surface, Rawa breached with the craft crushed in his jaws. Rawa then snatched the crystal, swimming back to Tarabak Island and leaving the wreckage and crew to float in the ocean.

As Gorogong entered his lair, Rawa emerged from behind a waterfall, stopping in front of his hoard of gold and the Giga Crystal to breath an Ethereal Flame into the sky in challenge. Gorogong and Rawa then engaged in battle. Later on, Rawa, realizing he was losing, crunched the Giga Crystal between his jaws and used the energy to transform into his S-Class form. The two battled again until Gorogong absorbed enough energy to perform his own S-Class transformation, eventually coming out on top when he punched Rawa in the chest and swung him around by his tail, then jumped into the air and smashed his fists down onto Rawa, creating a massive explosion and defeating the Dragon King.

Woolley's Misadventures

As Woolley traveled through several different locations, he wandered past Rawa and Gigaman battling in a city. On his way back to Siberia, he passed by Rawa and Gigaman again, who were exhausted from their fight.


Physical capabilities

Rawa thrusts himself forward into a charge.

Rawa sports immense physical prowess, being able to maul and charge his enemies with great strength. His horn is said to be powerful enough to cut his enemies in half, with his forked tail providing similar strength.


Rawa has shown mastery of movement on land, in the water, and in the air, using his Ethereal Flame for the latter.

Rawa uses his Ethereal Flame to fly.

Ethereal Flame

Rawa has the ability to produce a light greenish-blue Ethereal Flame which he can use to both torch opponents by breathing it and conjuring a pillar of fire from the ground. As he uses this fire, he must ventilate more flame from specialized orifices on his shoulders, forming his "wings". Rawa can utilize this ventilation as a thruster, propelling himself at great speeds and allowing flight. By focusing Giga Energy, he can cause a large explosion of fire around him, known as Decimate.

According to GigaBash writer Gerald Yong, this fire removes molecules from existence rather than altering their structure.[4]

S-Class form

After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Rawa achieves peak power to grow to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans, or gathering it from the surrounding environment.

Rawa fires his Extinction Beam.

Extinction Beam

After gaining enough Giga Energy, Rawa gains the ability to use his Extinction Beam, a massive cone of fire that gradually thins into an unfathomably powerful, focused beam that vaporizes both enemies and cities alike in a single strike.

Decimate: Supernova

In both his regular and S-Class form, Rawa can use all of his remaining life energy to erupt into a massive explosion known as the Decimate: Supernova as a last resort.

Golden plating

Rawa is covered in a golden plating that acts as defense against a multitude of attacks. Rawa also frequently molts and sheds these scales.


Concept art




Rawa's roars and sound effects (begins at 10:27)


Reveal trailer


  • Rawa flying with his Ethereal Flame may be a reference to Godzilla's flight in Godzilla vs. Hedorah.
  • One of Rawa's four emotes, King's Victory, allows him to a dance in a manner extremely similar to Godzilla's dance in Invasion of Astro-Monster.
    • Godzilla himself also has this dance as one of his taunts.
  • One of Rawa's subspecies, "Wu Long", pays homage to some colorations of Nagas in mythology, as well as giving him a similar scale pattern.


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