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A Hellbat in Godzilla in Hell #5
Alternate names Hell Bats
Species Demonic bat creatures
Forms Godzilla forms
Controlled by Godzilla
Allies God-demon
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla in Hell #5

The Hellbats are bat demon kaiju created by IDW Publishing that appear in issue #5 of the comic book miniseries Godzilla in Hell.


The Hellbats are very small bat-like creatures with red skin and long tails. They have no facial features aside from a massive tooth-filled mouth that takes up their entire face when opened. After consuming Godzilla, the Hellbats develop a single eye above their mouths. In these forms, the Hellbats merge together around Godzilla's skeleton and reform him.


Godzilla in Hell

Still trying to escape Hell, Godzilla trekked through a blizzard and passed a blood waterfall before falling into a stalagmite-filled pit. Godzilla swatted some of the stalagmites with his tail, unaware of several Hellbats emerging from them. The Hellbats followed Godzilla, who kept them at bay with his tail. Godzilla eventually reached a huge mountain, where at the summit creature called the Guardian guarded the entrance back to the living world. Godzilla tried climbing the mountain and blasting the Guardian with his atomic breath, but it was no use as the Guardian caused an avalanche that knocked Godzilla back to the ground. Seemingly giving up hope, Godzilla allowed himself to be devoured by the Hellbats, which ate away his flesh and left nothing but a skeleton. As the Hellbats flew away, they suddenly sprouted eyes and began to utter Godzilla's roar, then flew back around Godzilla's skeleton and reformed him. The Hellbat-Godzilla roared at the Guardian, then each and every Hellbat fired a blast of atomic breath at it, destroying the Guardian with a Godzilla-sized blast. After destroying the Guardian, the Hellbat-Godzilla climbed the mountain and went through the gate, causing a fully-alive Godzilla to emerge from the ocean in the living world, roaring triumphantly.



The Hellbats can fly.


The Hellbats can feed on and assimilate other lifeforms.

Atomic breath

After devouring Godzilla and collectively assuming his form, the Hellbats could each utilize his atomic breath.



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