Obelisk Island Bird

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Nikkatsu Corporation Monster
The Obelisk Island Bird in Gappa
Obelisk Island Bird
Alternate names Obelisk Island Mystery Bird, Obelisk Bird
Species Pterodactyl-like Avian
Portrayed by Puppet
First appearance Latest appearance
Gappa Gappa

The Obelisk Island Bird is a pterodactyl-like kaiju created by Nikkatsu that first appeared in the 1967 Nikkatsu kaiju film, Gappa.


The Obelisk Island Bird looks similar in appearance to a pterodactyl or pterosaur, although it is covered in dark green feathers, a trait not shared with these ancient reptiles. Its head is similar in appearance to that of a shoebill bird, although it possesses a large yellow beak similar in shape to a toucan's.



Venturing in to the jungles of Obelisk Island in search of his fellow explorers, Saburo Hayashi is startled by the Obelisk Island Bird which flies past him. He then comments "That almost scared me."


Being nothing more than a regular bird which inhabits Obelisk Island, the Obelisk Island Bird's only ability is flight.


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Buetiful page


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looks like a mini Rodan