Grass Hedgehog

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Grass Hedgehog
The Grass Hedgehog's model from Skull Island
Species Plant-like mammal
Place(s) of emergence Skull Island
Enemies Hawk Monster, King Kong
Written by Brian Duffield
Designed by Kevin Kruse[1]
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island episode 3, "What's Up, Croc?" Skull Island episode 7, "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"
More roars
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Can we eat that?

— A mercenary upon seeing a Grass Hedgehog (Skull Island episode 3, "What's Up, Croc?")

The Grass Hedgehog is a mammalian creature that appears in the 2023 Netflix Original animated series Skull Island, set in Legendary Pictures's Monsterverse.


While never named onscreen, the animal is referred to as "Grass Hedgehog" in Powerhouse Animation's model sheet for it.[1]


Despite their name, Grass Hedgehogs bear a closer resemblance to cats and dogs than to hedgehogs. They have brown fur, green eyes, a black nose, and several black and orange herbs around their backs.


Grass Hedgehogs appear to be peaceful and docile creatures, as one of them passed by Irene and her group of mercenaries without trying to attack them or even being alarmed by their presence.



Skull Island

"What's Up, Croc?"

Cap, Irene, and a few of her mercenaries were traveling through long orange grass when they heard something rustling nearby. They readied their weapons, only to be surprised when a harmless-looking Grass Hedgehog stepped into a clearing before them. The creature regarded them, made a cat-like meow, and continued on its way.

"You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal"

The Hawk Monster caught a Grass Hedgehog and deposited it in the temple where Kong resided. Kong quickly grabbed the Hedgehog and ate it.



Grass Hedgehogs can camouflage in certain areas of Skull Island thanks to the grass on their backs.


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Grass Hedgehog roars (begins at 4:18)


  • The Grass Hedgehog is likely a species of florafauna, although it has not been confirmed as such.


This is a list of references for Grass Hedgehog. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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