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Lukk exits his spacecraft
Alternate names The Challenger
Species Yagolian
Place(s) of emergence Planet Yagos
Allies Other Yagolains
Enemies Humanity, Konga
Created by Joe Gill
Written by Joe Gill
Designed by Bill Montes, Ernie Bache
First appearance Konga issue 21

Lukk, also called The Challenger, is a giant extra-terrestrial humanoid who appears in Issue #21 of Charlton Comics' Konga comic series.


The name of the issue refers to Lukk as "The Challenger", which is a indicator to how he was challenging the inhabitants of Earth for their resources.


Lukk is a giant humanoid figure. He wears a dark blue space-suit with a yellow marking on his chest, and also wears underwear on the outside of his clothes, similar a comic book super hero of the time, and has a red belt. Lukk also has a space helmet that has 2 antenna, a speaker placed where his mouth would be, a visor so he can see through it, and a yellow marking. He wears yellow gloves. However, on the cover of Konga issue #21, everything he wears is bright yellow.


Lukk was shown to be arrogant and self centered, shown when his partner asked if they can share the award, as he refused, for he wanted all the glory for himself. When he took inventory of Earth sand, which contained silica oxide, a material that was scarce on his planet, he thought of all the achievements he would gain; when he zoomed around the Earth, collecting more resources, he was fantasizing about how he would get promoted for this. When he encountered Konga, he spoke to the giant ape in a arrogant tone.


The Yagolians prepared Lukk as their champion and fed him knowledge from the computer, re-energized him and sent him along with another Yagolian into a spaceship towards Earth.


Two Yagolians discussed about how only Earth was frozen only 2 dagra ago, how earth has materials they would need, and how their time system is slower than all the others in the universe. They agreed to send a Yagolian to the planet and prepare Lukk. Once he was ready, they fed him with knowledge from the computer, re-energized him, and sent him and another Yagolian into a spaceship towards Earth. While Konga was showering under a 500-foot waterfall, Lukk and the other Yagolian were piloting their spaceship towards Earth which was a mere million miles away. They then focused on a certain city and scoffed at the small size of them; now knowing that Earth is home to a intelligent species, industry, raw materials, and a favorable climate, they decide that Earth is perfect for their operation. The partnering Yangolian ask for Lukk to share the reward with him, but Lukk arrogantly refuses. When they make it to a desert, the other Yangolian says that it does not look so good, but Lukk proves him wrong by saying that the sand contains silica oxide, a scarcity on Yagos. Lukk zoomed around Earth while taking inventory of the materials on it, while also thinking about how he will get promoted, but of course, the military noticed the activity. While one of them was certain their weapons would not work against the spaceship, the air-forces of the world took the offensive and sent a jet plane to the UFO as it was exiting into space, which was then quickly destroyed with a electronic ray. The leaders realized too late that human technology is powerless against them. The other Yagolian notices electrical impulses in the Earth's atmosphere and repeated wave patterns that they would understand if they had the electronic means of interpreting them, implying in some fields, humans are more advanced than them. Lukk shook off all doubts and, returning to Earth, soared through the cities. He decided that they will land in a urban area in the Floridian Peninsula and not be secretive, as he wants the governments to know his location. A lone jet plane notices the UFO, but they decide to not attack it, and instead take a look at the creatures controlling it. The world waited and television cameras were pointed at the stranger. When Lukk exited his spaceship, the military, knowing it would not be good to attack an unknown enemy as big as Konga, contacted Dr. Long, who had befriended Konga. The big ape swam all the way from South America to where the attack was taking place and confronted Lukk as the latter smashed apart a rocket launch site. Since he never detected Konga on Earth, Lukk was surprised, and Dr. Long spoke loudly to make it look as if Konga spoke back. Lukk responded by shooting him with his Magno-De-Molecularizer, and Konga responded with punching his head loose. Konga then switched attention to the spacecraft which blasted him but he eventually threw it back into space.



Lukk was able to easily resist military artillery and destroy them, along with buildings.


Being part of a advance species that has existed for eons, Lukk, like all the other Yagolians, has intelligence on par with that of humans.


The Yagolians possess technology far more advanced than ours, though they are lacking in certain fields, such as reading electric impulses and repeated wave patterns.



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