Konga #21

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Issue #21
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Konga #21
Cover art of issue #21
Written by Joe Gill[1]
Art by Bill Montes (Konga),
Bill Molno (Portrait of Youth)[1]
Colors by Ernie Bache (Konga),
Bill Molno (Portrait of Youth)[1]
Edits by Pat Marsulli
Charlton Comics

"Konga vs. The Challenger" is the 21st issue of the comic series Konga, published by Charlton Comics in February 1965. It features two comics—a main adventure starring Konga and a backup story called "The Portrait of Youth"—as well as a short story titled "Destination Destruction!"


"Konga vs. The Challenger"

Over 4 billion years ago, when Earth was still forming from cosmic dust, the aliens of the planet Yagos had already conquered neighboring planets, destroying those whose civilizations were as highly developed as their own. Once, during the Earth's Cryogenian period, Yagolians arrived and deemed it inhospitable for their mining operations. In the present day, a Yagolian discovers that Earth is rich in iron and silica, and yet had not yet been tapped. It was then he decided to send the warrior Lukk to survey the Earth once again. In Africa, as Konga slept, a scientist named Dr. Louis Long shoots him with a powerful sedative, convinced that he can make Konga his friend if he whispers friendly things into his ear as he sleeps. He sends his aides to gather wild grapes and bananas to offer Konga when he awakens. Konga accepts the gifts and listens to Long as he asks Konga if he will defend the Earth, to which Konga agrees. When he asks Konga to always stop the aggressor in war, the ape loses interest, causing Long to declare the experiment a failure. Konga then showers in a nearby waterfall as Lukk and his crewmates approach in their spacecraft. Lukk rejects his crewmates' offers to help him conquer the planet, focused on the glory he himself would receive for securing such a resource-rich planet. Despite assurance that its weapons would be useless against the Yagolian saucer, an Earth spaceship attacks the craft and is promptly destroyed by its De-Molecularizer. Lukk sets his ship down in Florida, and upon seeing his giant size, two U.S. Air Force pilots call Long in the hopes that he can convince Konga to help them. Konga however, is in South America, and the Air Force sends Long after him. When they locate him, Long parachutes into Konga's palm and informs him that the Earth is in trouble. They swim to Florida to challenge Lukk, and Long stands on his back with a megaphone as he does so to create the illusion that Konga can speak. Lukk promptly tries to shoot Konga with his Magno-De-Molecularizer, which has no effect on Konga. The ape then punches Lukk's head loose from his neck, and on Long's command turns his attention to Lukk's ship. He picks it up despite a searing barrage of strange weapons, and despite Long's orders, hesitates to smash it. The Yagolians aboard then fire their engines and return to their home, knowing that Earth's riches are not worth facing its monstrous protector. Dr. Long tries to thank Konga, who gives no sign of understanding, and goes off to take a nap.

"The Portrait of Youth"

A man is criticized by all for his purchase of a mysterious portrait of Caesar for 1 million dollars, called foolish for believing in an old legend that it holds the secret to eternal youth. As time passes, he seems to age backwards, while the figure in the painting ages forward. He invites his nephew to gloat, and claims that despite his doctor claiming that his heart was weak and he was old, the painting has made him age in reverse. Unfortunately, this tirade leads to his heart failing, and the portrait seeming to regain its youth. Despite this, the nephew did not get a good look at his uncle or of the portrait in the darkened room before others arrive, and cannot say for sure if the legend is true.


"Konga vs. The Challenger"



  • Dr. Louis Long

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Yagolian spacecraft
  • Yagolians
  • De-Molecularizer
  • Multi-missile pod


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