Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon

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Godzilla Rivals issues
Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Mechagodzilla
Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon
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Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon
Cover A of Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon
Written by Nola Pfau[1]
Art by Megan Huang[1]
Cover by
  • Megan Huang (CVR A)[1]
  • Andrew Griffith (CVR B)[1]
  • Chris Shehan (CVR RI)[1]
  • Lenny Romero (online exclusive)
Godzilla Rivals

Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon is the 11th installment in the IDW Publishing one-shot comic series Godzilla Rivals. It was released on December 20, 2023.[1]


Jen Onça is not excited to start her new, fast-paced fast-food career at Minilla Burger, but she'd much prefer a mundane day to the sudden return of Megalon! The monster brings destruction, trapping Jen in a forgotten lab deep beneath the restaurant with only the half-built form of Jet Jaguar to help her get out! She must repair the robotic defender to save herself and the city, but first she needs to escape the rubble trapping her in this tense adventure![1]


The year is 2019 in the Hunter's Point neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The manager of the local Minilla Burger finishes giving Jen Onça an overview of her bleak new job. He asks if she is new to the city, but she tells him she has returned after having a hard time at college, remembering how she had nearly committed suicide. Megalon suddenly burrows out of the ground, creating a sinkhole beneath Jen and the manager. Both are buried by rubble, killing the manager and breaking Jen's legs. Lights suddenly turn on, allowing Jen to notice she is in a lab with a partially disassembled robot. The robot introduces itself as Jet Jaguar upon hearing Jen's cries for help, and instructs her on how to pull herself free. Jet Jaguar states that it can create a splint for Jen's leg, but only after she repairs it. Jen tells the robot that she cannot repair it as she has no experience, but Jet Jaguar reassures her that she will merely be reassembling the robot as the parts have already been completed. While this eases Jen's concerns, she notices another corpse lying nearby. Jet Jaguar explains that was its inventor, who died whilst upgrading it 25 years prior. Jet Jaguar explains that it was created to fight the world's giant monsters, prompting Jen to inform the robot of Megalon's assault on the city. Following Jet Jaguar's instructions, Jen rebuilds the robot; as promised, it then makes a splint for her. Meanwhile, Megalon destroys a trio of attack helicopters with his lightning beam.

Jen asks if Jet Jaguar is scared to face Megalon, but it responds that it is incapable of fear and will attempt to fulfill its intended purpose regardless of if it can succeed. Jen breaks down and reveals to Jet Jaguar how her fear caused her to drop out of school and how applying for her current job devastated her. Jet Jaguar comforts Jen by telling her of all she had accomplished in the few hours they were together in spite of her injuries. Jet Jaguar leaves to check on the elevator, finding it blocked, and returns to Jen as it notices her falling unconscious. Jen promises the corpses that she will find someone to retrieve them once she escapes. Jet Jaguar grows to gigantic size and escapes the lab, but is confronted by Megalon. Using improvised weapons, it fends the monster off at first, but is eventually overwhelmed while trying to protect Jen and is knocked over. Jen tells Jet Jaguar to leave her within the building Megalon had knocked them into so the robot can focus on the fight. It is forced to oblige when Megalon attacks again, pressing its advantage until Jet Jaguar regains its footing and catches one of Megalon's drill arms. From there, Jet Jaguar easily defeats Megalon, landing a punishing series of blows without letting him retaliate or escape, as Jen falls unconscious. Jen wakes up at San Francisco General Hospital with her uncle Beto and cousin Rudy waiting for her. Jen recounts the events of the attack to her uncle and how she had needed someone else to talk about her situation at school with. Jen asks if Jet Jaguar was at the hospital, but Beto tells her it had left after dropping her off. Jen tell her uncle that after Jet Jaguar saved her life, she now feels she has a reason to keep living. Beto tells her he is happy to hear that as he and Jet Jaguar would miss her if she died. Jen expresses interest in an engineering degree, so she can repair Jet Jaguar whenever needed. In 2023, Jen earns her engineering degree from Stanford University and celebrates with Beto.




  • Jen Onça
  • Beto
  • Minilla Burger manager
  • Jet Jaguar's inventor (corpse)
  • Rudy (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Attack helicopters



Concept art



  • This issue is the first known Godzilla story to include a content warning, for "depict[ion] and discuss[ion] of attempted suicide[.]" It includes a list of resources for readers or their loved ones who are in crisis.
  • This is the first installment of Godzilla Rivals to feature a battle between two combatants (other than Godzilla) who have fought in a film.
  • This issue marks the second appearance of Jet Jaguar in Godzilla Rivals, after Godzilla Rivals: Vs. King Ghidorah.
  • This comic coincides with the 50th anniversary of both of its titular monsters, who debuted in Godzilla vs. Megalon in 1973.
  • Jet Jaguar assists San Francisco firefighters at the end of the comic, in a possible reference to Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar from Godzilla Island.
  • Artist Megan Huang incorporated a few members of the issue's staff into the comic itself, including editor David Mariotte and author Nola Pfau, as well as fellow Godzilla Rivals creator Adam Gorham.[2]


This is a list of references for Godzilla Rivals: Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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