Suzii Hopkins

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Suzii Hopkins
Suzii Hopkins in Godzilla Rivals: vs. Hedorah
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Laboratory assistant
Related to Todd Hopkins (brother)
First appearance Godzilla Rivals vs. Hedorah

Suzii Hopkins is a protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2021 comic series Godzilla Rivals in its premiere issue Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Hedorah. She used her knowledge of a Kaiju Defense Research Center mechanism to save New York City from Godzilla and Hedorah.


Godzilla Rivals

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Hedorah

Suzii Hopkins spent most of her life studying kaiju, and eventually got a job as a lab assistant at the Kaiju Defense Research Center. During an attack on New York City by Godzilla and Hedorah, the entire building was destroyed by the monsters, killing nearly everyone inside, including Suzii's superior Dr. Kovats, who had developed an experimental means of repelling kaiju. Suzii was the only survivor of the attack, but suffered a bad wound to the stomach. Luckily, her brother Todd Hopkins was already en route to evacuate her, and put her in the back of a commandeered ambulance. Suzii overheard her brother claiming to hospital staff over the radio that she was Dr. Kovats. She roused herself to protest this just in time to keep Todd from crashing into Godzilla's foot. As they continued, she tried to explain her plan to save the city, but they crashed into Hedorah's eyeball which Godzilla had recently scooped out and flung aside. Todd carried her through the subway tunnels to the hospital, where her wound was stitched and she began to recover. Unfortunately, the staff quickly became aware of Todd's deception and were going to have him taken away. Suzii grabbed the security guard's gun and used it to get them out. They made their way on foot to the site of the research center, and she berated Todd for his carelessness in pursuit of her safety over that of others.

They arrived at an immense radar dish in a crater left by the battling kaiju, where she explained that by reconnecting a cable on the ground, the dish would activate and send out a special radioactive signal to repel the monsters, with the caveat that it would kill anyone in close range. Todd would have preferred to run away, and Suzii refused. He expressed disbelief that she would throw away her life after he went to such ends to save it, at which point she guiltily pushed him into the crater. He shouted at her from the bottom, and she explained that she would not have survived the drop, and would not have been strong enough to pick up the cable. She sat on the edge and left him to his choice. Godzilla fell down, and his head was close enough for her to touch as she envied the lives of monsters, free from morality and the need to make difficult choices. A smile crossed her face as the radioactive properties of the dish's weapon enveloped the monsters and they began to retreat. From her waistband she took the guard's gun, not knowing if she even deserved to live and prepared to shoot herself. Todd then climbed from the crater, and she realized that Hedorah must have been close enough to absorb the radiation lethal to humans. The siblings then watched the sun set over the departing monsters, having together saved the world.



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