Sister B

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Sister B
Sister B in Kawaii! JeNny
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation Ebiran
Occupation Leader of Ebiran
First appearance Latest appearance
Kawaii! JeNny episode 1: "Sweets Angels" {{{last}}}

Sister B is a high schooler and the leader of Eibran, a secret organization dedicated to eliminating all delicious sweets and cute fashion from the world, which Sister B started as a response to bullying. She was created by Toho for their 2007 tokusatsu series, Kawaii! JeNny and appeared in its first episode, Sweets Angels.


Kawaii! JeNny

"Sweets Angels"

Sister B was an enemy of the International Science Police for some time before the Sweets Angels arrived. Together with her three bear cohorts she sought to rid the world of cute fashion and delicious sweets. One day, she took her giant robot Itazuran into Tokyo to vandalize the buildings, and reminded him of this when he expressed interest in destroying them instead. Itazuran however, became confused when he could hear Sister B but not see her. Annoyed by his stupidity, she reminded him that she was in his cockpit before readying his paintbrush and graffitiing the buildings. During this escapade the Sweets Angels came to stop her. She vented Itazuran's exhaust at Jenny, who was approaching by air on the Gyro Gespa. This prompted her allies Akira and Nadeshiko to scold the robot on his violation of Japan's clean air codes. Sister B attempted to quell the robot's panic by assuring him that since they were evil, it was okay to pollute. Sister B then fired Itazuran's Punishment Beam to try and blast the downed Jenny, but the three heroes transformed into their fighting gear. Annoyed at being ignored, the robot blasted them with bubbles, and with the Sweets Angels distracted, Sister B ordered Ebiran to abduct all the sweets in the area. Jenny then told Ebiran's staff that Sister B planned to force them to eat all of them, which would damage their health, and infuriated that her lieutenants believed the lie, Sister B's outrage at this only made it seem more believable. She then readied a bomb to throw at the Angels, but together they made Itazuran drop it, and it exploded on the pavement, destroying the robot and sending Sister B flying. She crashed into the roof of Ebiran headquarters, and she ran after the fleeing bears, threatening to bite them in her fury.

"How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?"

One day, some time before the incident with Itazuran, Sister B was lead by the Bears to the line for auditions to become a fashion model. She agreed it was strange that no modeling agencies had yet scouted her, and she began to scope out the competition, confident that she was more beautiful than any of her competitors, except one. On seeing the face of Jenny, she became disheartened. The bears found her so adorable they rushed forward and knocked Sister B over to get a better look, and in retaliation she roundhoused the three of them, and bade them get rid of her. With her competition eliminated, Sister B signed up and waited for her turn. When she was up for the audition, she attempted to woo the judges with a song about how great she was and how bad everyone else was by comparison. However, she was rejected for her personality.


  • Sister B and the other humans on the show were portrayed with modified Jenny dolls on metal handles with small rigs to allow their arms to move.


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