Kawaii! JeNny (2007)

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Kawaii! JeNny
Kawaii! JeNny
Air date October 1-December 24, 2007
Producer(s) Takayuki Oshima, Fumitaka Kunugi, Mitsuru Tanaka
Distributor Toho
Channel(s) Chiba TV
Genre(s) Tokusatsu, puppet show
Episodes 26

Kawaii! JeNny (Kawaii! (かわいい) JeNny (ジェニー),   Kawaii Jenī, lit. Cute! Jenny) is a 2007 tokusatsu puppet series co-produced by Toho and Takara Tomy. It aired from October 1 to December 24, 2007.


Jenny, along with her two friends Akira and Nadeshiko, are recruited by a powerful man named Mr. Crown to become a trio of superheroines. Together, the "Sweets Angels" fight against the evil Sister B and her partners the Bears to save the Earth's fashion and sweets.


Episode no. Title Writer Air date
1 "Sweets Angels" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/10/01
2 "How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?"
3 "Break Up Eibran!" 2007/10/08
4 "Harry, the Senior I Adore"
5 "The Alien Pet" 2007/10/15
6 "The Beach Volleyball Tournament"
7 "Harry's Part-Time Job" 2007/10/22
8 "Designer's Policy"
9 "The Angels Disband?" Katsuhiko Chiba 2007/10/29
10 "Jenny in the Skies"
11 "Strike" Akatsuki Yamatoya 2007/11/05
12 "Ballerina"
13 "The Sweets Angels & Mr. Crown" Kento Shimoyama 2007/11/12
14 "Sweets Angels and the Music Festival"
15 "The Lottery" Shinya Kawabata 2007/11/19
16 "Diet"
17 "The New Vehicle" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/11/26
18 "We've Been Swapped, But With Who?" Akatsuki Yamatoya
19 "Garbage Monster" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/12/03
20 "Princess Nadeshiko" Kento Shimoyama
21 "The Improved Itazuran II" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/12/10
22 "Three Little Bears" Katsuhiko Chiba
23 "The Strongest Robot Kashima C Appears!!" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/12/17
24 "An Invitation to an Old Castle" Shinya Kawabata
25 "The Musical Battle" Yoshio Urasawa 2007/12/24
26 "The End of Garbage Monster"


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Organized by   Masamichi Fujiwara, Keita Sato, Koichi Kawakita
  • Directed by   Koichi Kawakita
  • Written by   Yoshio Urasawa, Katsuhiko Chiba, Akatsuki Yamatoya, Kento Shimoyama, Shinya Kawabata
  • Produced by   Takayuki Oshima, Fumitaka Kunugi, Mitsuru Tanaka
  • Music by   Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Opening song "Lumica" performed by   Haruko Momoi
    • Written, composed, and arranged by   Haruko Momoi
  • Ending song "High Energy" performed by   Sakura Nogawa, Haruko Momoi
    • Written and composed by   Haruko Momoi
    • Arranged by   Shinya Saito
  • Cinematography by   Keiichi Sakurai
  • First assistant director   Satoshi Imai
  • VFX supervisor   Tomoaki Miwa


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Sakura Nogawa   as   Jenny
  • Kaori Tagami   as   Jenny (pilot)
  • Yu Kobayashi   as   Akira
  • Nao Hanai   as   Akira (pilot)
  • Natsuko Kuwatani   as   Nadeshiko
  • Haruko Momoi   as   Sister B
  • Yumiko Owari   as   Sister B (pilot) / Bear-chan
  • Shinsuke Fukui   as   Bear-san
  • Tora Take   as   Bear-kun
  • Daisuke Matsuoka   as   Mr. Crown / Daikaiten (voice)
  • Takashi Goshima   as   Mr. Crown (pilot)
  • Eri Taruta   as   Lina
  • Takuma Terashima   as   Harry
  • Yoshinori Sonobe   as   Garbage Monster (voice)
  • Yuki Matsuoka   as   Kashima C (voice)
  • Shinya Iwasaki   as   Itazuran
  • Fumihito Minamitsuji   as   Itazuran II
  • Naoki Ogura   as   Daikaiten
  • Yuka Hino   as   Kashima C



  • Sweets Angels
  • Eibran
    • Sister B
    • Bear-san
    • Bear-kun
    • Bear-chan
  • International Science Police (ISP)
    • Mr. Crown
    • Lina
    • Puppy
  • Harry


  • Itazuran
    • Itazuran II
  • P-chan
  • Garbage Monster
  • Daikaiten
  • Kashima C
  • Bloodstained Toe Shoes
  • Giant Earthquake Catfish
  • Castle ghosts

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Gyro Gespa
  • Bus Bus
  • Sky Swallow
  • Submarine GF
  • Grand Drill
  • VTOL
  • Fashion Black Hole
  • Vacuum Gun Dragon
  • Cherry Pie Destroyer


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