Break Up Eibran!

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Kawaii! JeNny Episodes
Why Become A Sweets Angel?
Break Up Eibran!
The Senior I Adore, Harry
Break Up Eibran!
Break Up Eibran!
Series Kawaii! JeNny
Episode # 3
Directed by Koichi Kawakita
Written by Yoshio Urasawa
Air date October 8, 2007

Break Up Eibran! is the third episode of Toho Company Ltd.'s 2006 Television show Kawaii! JeNny.


The episode opens with an Eibran board meeting between Sister B and the Bears. Bear-Kun asked why she wanted to take away all sweets and fashion from the world, and she reveals that it is so that every other girl would be plain and she would be the only fashionable girl in the world, and ergo be surrounded by cute boys. She then reveals that there was a time when she was fat, and did not want to see sweets again in her life. The Bears then question her motives. Sister B then attacks them with a hammer, and they decide to be wild animals again. Meanwhile, the Sweets Angels are relaxing at a hotel pool when Mr. Clown calls to give them a mission. On the grounds that they had paid money to be at the pool, they decide to not answer it and pretend they are asleep. Their efforts prove to be in vain, as Mr. Clown arrives in a helicopter to give them their mission, and knows they are not asleep because he was peeping on them. When they get to the city, (Akira and Nadeshiko must walk because the NSP's budget only allows for one scooter), they find Sister B in a panic because she is being chased by her officers. Mr. Clown then tells them that this is the perfect opportunity to disperse Eibran, and the three girls split up, with Nadeshiko and Akira taking the bears, and Jenny taking Sister B. They did as they were told, and both told the Eibran members to blame the others for the problem, but this makes the Eibran members angry, and only strengthens their bond. They then beat up the Sweets Angels, and Mr. Clown gets angry. Nadeshiko proceeds to shoot down his helicopter with a Sweets Arrow.


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