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Godzilla CHOMP
Godzilla CHOMP
Air date November 10, 2021 - present
Distributor Toho International
Genre(s) Reality, documentary
Episodes 6 (ongoing)

Godzilla CHOMP is a biweekly Godzilla documentary web series hosted by Toho International Creative Manager Chris Mowry, detailing the everyday operations of the company's Los Angeles, California office.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. Title Upload date
1 "Hello, Toho: Part 1"[a] 2021/11/10
2 "Hello, Toho: Part 2" 2021/11/24
3 "Beasts in the Basement: Part 1" 2021/12/08
4 "Beasts in the Basement: Part 2" 2021/12/22
5 "Godzilla vs. San Diego" 2022/01/05
6 "Godzilla on Film" 2022/01/19

Peanut Facts[edit | edit source]

Various relevant tidbits called "Peanut Facts" are given throughout each episode, attributed to Mowry's pet dog and cohost, Peanut. These include:

  • "The official 'Godzilla Day' is November 3, the day the first film was released in 1954." (episode 1)
  • "GLJ also made products based on other popular shows and films of [the 1970s]." (episode 1)
  • "Mattel also made a toy for Rodan which is highly sought after." (episode 1)
  • "The original statue in Japan has been replaced by a larger one of Godzilla from 2016. An original script for the first film was sealed underneath the new statue." (episode 2)
  • "You cannot score the number 23 [in a game of darts] by using only one dart." (episode 2)
  • "Toho owned and operated a theater in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Sadly, it is no longer there." (episode 3)
  • "Only a little over 500 of the Godzilla pinball machines were ever produced." (episode 3)
  • "Many of the Toho films were renamed for statewide distribution. For example, 'Matango' was changed to 'Attack of the Mushroom People.'" (episode 3)
  • "Promotion for the 1998 movie included a TV spot that aired seconds after the televised celebration in Times Square, making it almost seem like a live event." (episode 4)
  • "The original Godzilla game featured a number of references to other Toho films such as 'Dogora' and 'Matango'!" (episode 4)
  • "Some model kits inspired by [Noriyoshi] Ohrai-san's paintings have been designed by master sculptor, Yuji Sakai." (episode 4)
  • "Mothra is such a popular character, that a large mural is painted on one of the building exteriors at Toho Studios in Japan." (episode 4)
  • "Props were on display [at Comic-Con 2019] from other films ranging from King Ghidorah's heads in 'Godzilla vs. Gigan', to the ORCA from 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'! (episode 5)
  • "It took [Shinji] Nishikawa-san just over three hours to complete the entire [Godzilla mural at Comic-Con 2019]." (episode 5)
  • "Godzilla holds the record for the longest continuously running film franchise." (episode 5)
  • "The first [Godzilla] film was released on November 3, 1954." (episode 6)
  • "Even before 1998's 'Godzilla', Hollywood was interested in making its own version of a movie. There was even a 3D version planned in the early 1980s." (episode 6)
  • "Rolling Stone magazine named the original [Godzilla] film the '#1 Best Monster Movie of All Time' in a 2013 list." (episode 6)

Videos[edit | edit source]

Episode 1, "Hello, Toho: Part 1"
Episode 2, "Hello, Toho: Part 2"
Episode 3, "Beasts in the Basement: Part 1"
Episode 4, "Beasts in the Basement: Part 2"
Episode 5, "Godzilla vs San Diego"
Episode 6, "Godzilla on Film"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Called "Hello, Toho!" in the YouTube title.


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