Short Movies of GODZILLA Wall Painting (web 2014)

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Short Movies of GODZILLA Wall Painting
A shot of the Godzilla wall painting used as the first episode's thumbnail
Air date
Production company Toho Studios[a]
Genre(s) Drama, fantasy
Episodes 3
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Short Movies of GODZILLA Wall Painting (ゴジラ壁画のショートムービー,   Gojira Hekiga no Shōto Mūbī) is a series of three short web videos created by Toho Studios.[a] A drama, the series tells the story of a woman who looks to a mural of Godzilla for comfort at various points in her life. Though the story is fictional, it features a real 121-square-meter mural which was painted on the exterior of Toho Studios' No. 5 Stage by artist Masao Hanawa.[2] All three videos in the series were posted to the TOHO STUDIOS OFFICIAL YouTube channel on August 20, 2014, less than three months after the mural's completion on May 31.[2] Versions of the videos with English subtitles were subsequently uploaded to the TOHO STUDIOS-EN channel on September 11.


Though the episodes are not numbered, they are presented below in the order that they appear on Toho Studios' website[1] and in the YouTube playlists.

  1. "On Your Side" (~ いつもそこに 篇~,   Itsumo Soko ni Hen, lit. "Always There")
  2. "Secret in Blue" (~ 雨の日の秘密 篇~,   Ame no Hi no Himitsu Hen, lit. "Rainy Day Secret")
  3. "Under the Night Sky" (~ ある夜の出来事 篇~,   Aru Yoru no Dekigoto Hen, lit. "The Incident That Night")


"On Your Side"

As a kindergarten girl is walking by Toho Studios, she stops and looks up in awe at the building's mural of Godzilla. Years later the girl, now in elementary school, stops by the mural again and plays her recorder. She next returns as a high-schooler, closing her eyes and making a wish. More years pass and she is now working as an office lady, stopping by the mural at nighttime while in tears. In the present day, the woman looks at the mural with a smile, joined by her infant daughter and the baby's father.

"Secret in Blue"

The woman's trip to the mural while in high school is expanded upon. While riding a bus, she contemplates an urban legend about the mural being able to grant wishes, and decides to stop at Toho Studios. The girl makes her wish before running off with determination. Text onscreen then reads, "I found my love," implying that she wished to find love.

"Under the Night Sky"

The woman's trip to the mural as an office lady is expanded upon. After walking aimlessly through town, she finds herself passing by Toho Studios. When she looks up at the mural, she bursts into tears, and pleads with it to say something to her. Just as she gives up hope and begins to walk away, the mural responds to her with a growl. She then returns her focus to the image, which lets out a longer roar. Onscreen text translates for the mural: "I'm right here for you."


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yuki Terada   as   woman (episodes 1-3)
  • Rio Kirigaya   as   woman's daughter (episode 1)
  • Norika Horikawa   as   woman as kindergartner (episode 1)
  • Kinoka Horikawa   as   woman as grade-schooler (episode 1)
  • Takahiro Kirigaya   as   woman's partner (episode 1)




Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode 1 (subtitled)
Episode 2 (subtitled)
Episode 3 (subtitled)


  1. 1.0 1.1 Though production is credited to "Toho Studios",[1] this is the name of a location and not a company. It is possible that this was intended as shorthand for Toho Studios Service Co., Ltd., the company which managed Toho Studios at the time.


This is a list of references for Short Movies of GODZILLA Wall Painting. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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