Chibikko Special (1971-72)

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Chibikko Special
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Air date October 24, 1971 -
September 24, 1972[1]
Channel(s) Tokyo 12 Channel[1][2][3]
Genre(s) Stage show, game show

Chibikko Special (ちびっこスペシャル,   Chibikko Supesharu, lit. Small Child Special) was a Japanese stage show which was aired on Tokyo 12 Channel from October 24, 1971 to September 24, 1972.[1] It is unknown exactly who produced the show; however, a number of Toho monsters as well as other, original kaiju made appearances, including Godzilla himself.[2] Some of the suits for the original kaiju would later be repurposed by Toho for their 1972 series Go! Godman.[3][4]


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.





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