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King Kong
Image TBA
  • Stephany Folsom
  • James Wan
  • Michael Clear
  • Rob Hackett
  • Dannie Festa
  • Marc Manus
Channel(s) Disney+
This article concerns an upcoming subject, and will be updated with new information as it arises.
For the animated series which originally aired under the title King Kong, see The King Kong Show.

King Kong is the working title of an upcoming live action series produced by Atomic Monster and World Builder Entertainment based on DeVito ArtWorks' King Kong of Skull Island media property. It will stream on Disney+.[1]


The series will explore the mythology of King Kong’s origin story and the supernatural mysteries of his home based on IP from Merian C. Cooper’s original books and the new King Kong novelizations by Joe DeVito.[1]


A live action television series based on DeVito ArtWorks' King Kong of Skull Island property was first announced in April 2017, under the title King Kong Skull Island. Unrelated to that year's similarly-titled film Kong: Skull Island, the series was to be developed by MarVista Entertainment and IM Global Television and written by Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title, with Dannie Festa executive producing.[2] Few details about the story were given, but it was stated to be set years after King Kong's death atop the Empire State Building and follow a group of explorers who become stranded on Skull Island and encounter his family. After an exclusive preview from FHM in October of that year,[3] the series was never mentioned again.

On August 23, 2022, Deadline reported that deals had been finalized on a new series based on DeVito ArtWorks' property, this time produced by Atomic Monster and World Builder Entertainment and given the working title King Kong. Stephany Folsom was announced as writer and executive producer for the series, along with fellow executive producers James Wan, Michael Clear, and Rob Hackett of Atomic Monster and Dannie Festa and Marc Manus of World Builder Entertainment. No specific details of the series' plot have been disclosed, outside of a brief description. The series will stream on Disney+ at an unknown date.[1]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Written by   Stephany Folsom
  • Executive producers   Stephany Folsom, James Wan, Michael Clear, Rob Hackett, Dannie Festa, Marc Manus
  • King Kong of Skull Island created by   Joe DeVito




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