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Kure Kure Takora
Kure Kure Takora in Kure Kure Takora
Alternate names Gimme Gimme Octopus
Species Anthropomorphic Bipedal Octopus
Forms Monro Disguise
Allies Monro, Chonbo, Debura, Biragon, Herahera, Ikari, Shikushiku
Enemies Tororo, Herahera, Ikari, Shikushiku, Debura, Biragon
First appearance Kure Kure Takora Episode 1

Kure Kure Takora (クレクレタコラ,   Kure Kure Takora) is a greedy octopus kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 Toho tokusatsu series, Kure Kure Takora.


Kure Kure Takora's name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia kure kure (クレクレ), literally translating to "gimme gimme" or "I want it I want it", the Japanese word tako (タコ) meaning octopus, and ra, a common suffix for kaiju names.


Kure Kure Takora is a large, red, anthropomorphic octopus covered in yellow spots.


Kure Kure Takora

Kure Kure Takora is an inhabitant of Wonder Forest and with his best friend Chonbo, he goes on a number of misadventures.


Object Changing

Kure Kure Takora can use a type of Ninjitsu to change any object into any other object of his choice.

Form Changing

Kure Kure Takora can use a type of Ninjitsu to transform himself into any other inhabitant of Wonder Forest.


  • Kure Kure Takora is afraid of vinegar and will avoid it at all costs due to the fact that he doesn't want to be turned into sudako (pickled octopus, often served with vinegar).


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18 months ago
Score 0
We have a new rival to the king of monsters.... dun dun duuun!


29 months ago
Score 0
Wait... so if this is a Toho monster... he could be in the next Toho Godzilla movie. Probably not though.

Green Blob Thing

29 months ago
Score 0
He can change his own form and the form of other objects into whatever he desires? Takora may just be one of the most over-powered kaiju to exist.


30 months ago
Score 0
The Kure Kure Godzilla crossover is so random. I expect a Godman/Greenman X Godzilla crossover soon.


33 months ago
Score 0
He should be in the next Kong movie.
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