"Sweets Angels"

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Kawaii! JeNny episodes
Sweets Angels
"How Did I Become a Sweets Angel?"
"Sweets Angels"
Sweets Angels (episode)
Series Kawaii! JeNny
Episode # 1
Directed by Koichi Kawakita
Written by Yoshio Urasawa
Air date October 1, 2007

"Sweets Angels" (スイーツエンジェルス,   Suītsu Enjerusu) is the first episode of the 2007 Toho television series Kawaii! JeNny.


In a world where the dastardly organization Ebiran, lead by the nefarious Sister B plans to eliminate all the cute fashion and delicious sweets from the world, Jenny and the Sweets Angels stand alone against her. In her civilian life, Jenny is a clumsy second year high schooler from Tokyo who enjoys shopping for clothes and eating sweets. While trying on outfits at her favorite store, she received a call from the leader of the Sweets Angels, Mr. Clown, informing her of an upcoming mission. En route to the headquarters of the Sweets Angels, Jenny met her athletic companion Akira, and they arrived to find their third teammate Nadeshiko already waiting for them. Mr. Clown, by way of closed circuit TV informed them that Sister B was piloting the giant robot Itazuran to attack the city. He proceeds to graffiti a building her lieutenants, Bear-kun, Bear-chan, and Bear-san, watched from Eibran headquarters. Sister B began her vandalization, but Jenny soon arrived on her Gyro Gespa to tell him to stop. He then blew her off course by venting his exhaust at her, which caused Akira and Nadeshiko to criticize his violation of Japan's pollution laws. The three heroines then transformed into fighting mode, but Itazuran blew bubbles at them as a distraction while Sister B orders the bears to steal the city's sweets. Jenny convinced them not to by convincing them that Sister B's plan was to make them eat them all and raise their blood sugar and slow their metabolism. Sister B was infuriated by the insinuation, but the bears believed Jenny. With Sister B and Itazuran distracted, Akira used her Dynamic Shoot kick to get rid of the robot's paintbrush. With her back now against the wall, Sister B readied a bomb to throw at the Angels, but he was immobilized by Nadeshiko's Sweets Arrow, which allowed Jenny to use her Shining Baton Flash to knock it from his hands. The bomb exploded on the ground, taking the robot with it and sending Sister B flying. When she crashed through Ebiran's roof, she attacked her fleeing lieutenants. Having worked up an apatite in the fight, the Angels enjoyed some coffee and chocolate cake at a local café.


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