Young Serizawa

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Young Serizawa
Young Serizawa in Godziban
Species Human
Aliases Serizawa
First appearance Latest appearance
Godziban episode 33,
"A Tragic Dissonance"
Godziban special, "The Greatest Advance of All Monsters on Earth"
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Young Serizawa (少年セリザワ,   Shōnen Serizawa) is a recurring human character in the web series Godziban, starring in its Young Serizawa segment. He is based on Daisuke Serizawa from the original Godzilla.


  • Godziban (web 2019-) [episodes 33-34, 41-42, 47, 49-50, and 56-57, special episodes 4 and 11]
  • Godziban (2022) [stock footage]

Reiwa era


Young Serizawa was a boy genius who ran away from home to get away from a society that was eager to use his dangerous inventions such as the Oxygen Destroyer. He was introduced in season 2's two-part finale, awakening to find himself shipwrecked on Godzi Godzi Island. When he ventured into the jungle, he was terrified as he witnessed Anguirus, Gorosaurus, and Baragon congregate. He ran away when Godzilla-kun approached him, only to run into Little and Minilla. The Three Godzilla Brothers finally stopped Young Serizawa and introduced themselves, demonstrating that they meant no harm. Serizawa asked if they were dinosaurs, to which Godzilla-kun replied that they were kaiju. Minilla offered Serizawa a banana, which he accepted and ate. The Three Godzilla Brothers then began building a house for Serizawa out of logs. Together, they moved Serizawa's scientific supplies into his new home. As Minilla carried Serizawa's invention the Oxygen Destroyer, he nearly dropped it only for Little to catch it. The Oxygen Destroyer was then placed against a wall in Serizawa's house. Serizawa thanked the Three Godzilla Brothers and prepared to begin a new life on the island.


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