"Mystery on the Beach"

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"Mystery on the Beach"
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"Mystery on the Beach"
Title card for "Mystery on the Beach"
Series Godziban (Young Serizawa)
Episode # 34 (overall), 2 (Young Serizawa)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date August 13, 2020

"Mystery on the Beach" (浜辺のミステリオーゾの (まき),   Hamabe no Misuteriōzo no Maki, lit. "Volume of: Mysterioso on the Beach") is the 13th episode of the 2nd Season of Godziban, as well as the the 34th episode overall and the second installment of its Young Serizawa segment. Toho's Godzilla Channel uploaded it to YouTube on August 13, 2020, with an English-subtitled version on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO channel following on April 22, 2022.


Young Serizawa awakens in the cabin the Three Godzilla Brothers built for him, surprised to realize his adventures on Godzi Godzi Island in the previous episode were not a dream. He reflects on his most dreadful invention, the Oxygen Destroyer, which could destroy the world in the wrong hands and forced him to flee from human civilization with it. The Three Godzilla brothers arrive with breakfast. When they realize they only have three bananas, Godzilla-kun offers his to Serizawa, but he introduces his Perfect Banana Copy Distribution Machine, which multiplies the bananas and makes them larger. He offers to do the same with the strawberries they have brought him, but the kaiju state that they enjoy the fruits' various imperfections, and offer him the most aesthetically pleasing of the four. He accepts, but agonizes about the way that the perfectionist demands of human civilization are reflected in his machines. Declaring it a menace, he asks the monsters to destroy it. Godzilla-kun obliges, bringing it outside and setting it on fire with his atomic breath. Little asks Serizawa to invent something else. When he points out the lack of materials on the island, Godzilla-kun offers to take him somewhere that will suit his needs.

The Three Godzilla Brothers and Young Serizawa pass Anguirus, Baragon, and Gorosaurus on their journey. Baragon and Gorosaurus again lament their lack of dialogue, but Anguirus urges them to compensate by climbing to the top of a hill and screaming their lungs out. Meanwhile, several Destoroyah crawl onto the Oxygen Destroyer. The monsters and Serizawa arrive on the beach, where they show him an enormous drill-nosed submarine embedded in the sand. Uncle Zilla suddenly appears, terrifying Serizawa, and charges his atomic breath, but is stopped by Grandpa Zilla in his giant form. Concluding that his new island home holds a massive secret, Serizawa resolves to discover it.


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