"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"

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Godziban episodes
"Gigan, Troubled!" / Gigan, Slice! #1
"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"
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"Go! Miracle Tail Shot"
Title card for "Go! Miracle Tail Shot"
Series Godziban (Go! Go! Godzilla-kun)
Episode # 28 (overall), 16 (Go! Go! Godzilla-kun)
Directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Written by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Air date June 12, 2020

"Go! Miracle Tail Shot" ( ()めろ!ミラクルシッポシュートの (まき),   Kimero! Mirakuru Shippo Shūto no Maki, lit. "Volume of: Go! Miracle Tail Shot") is the seventh episode of the second season of Godziban, as well as the the 28th episode overall and the 16th installment of its Go! Go! Godzilla-kun segment. Toho's Godzilla Channel uploaded it to YouTube on June 12, 2020, with an English-subtitled version on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO channel following on March 14, 2022.


Godzilla-kun teaches Minilla and Little how to kick a soccer ball, represented by a rock. Little manages to launch himself into the goal instead of the ball, while Minilla trips on a pebble and headbutts the ball into the goal. At Little's request, Godzilla-kun displays his skills with the spinning tail kick, which also impresses a spectating Miyarabi. While Godzilla-kun is excited to have a chance to impress his crush, her overprotective brother Young Caesar shows up to challenge Godzilla-kun to a game.

After Young Caesar scores the first goal, Godzilla-kun fires his atomic breath at the sky in rage. Watching from a distance, Young Hedo asks Grandpa Hedo if the ball is a friend (a response to an interstitial moment of Godzilla-kun and Anguirus declaring such a thing). Grandpa Hedo asks in return if you can really kick a friend, before remarking that the way ball and kicker push each other to improve can be a form of friendship. Godzilla-kun ties the game and blocks Young Caesar's next kick using his tail, which the shisa considers unfair sportsmanship, while Godzilla-kun responds that a Godzilla's pride is in their tail. Finally wanting to stop their arguing and fighting flat, Miyarabi makes a powerful shot that knocks them both over before landing in the goal. Minilla and Little declare her the winner.


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